Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Eddie Pomykala's Random Musings

Long-time Bishop's mentor Eddie Pomykala appears to be enjoying his work in development at Bishop's but very obviously still has a passion for CIS basketball. This appeared in Dale Stevens CUBDL and Eddie later passed it along to me for our readers to enjoy...

Random musings

Greetings from Charlotte, NC where i am attending a conference for Independent Educational Consultants. For any who care, I am busier than ever, haven't yelled in over 20 months and instead of zones, help side defense and downscreens my world now consists of biochemistry majors , drama minors, Popular narrative, International studies and 7 different concentrations in the Williams School of Business ( and you really got to know this stuff!). Too busy and too immersed to miss coaching but definitely miss the relationships with players and coaches (and some refs). This is going to be a rant so scroll down if you ain't interested. My buddy Ryan Csada gave me a little motivation this week- so "Numbers"- this is for you!
First- major props to my former mentor, Coach K for reaching the win milestone- just awesome. putting it in perspective: i was a head coach for 25 years and didn't even coach in 700 games. that is far too many games for one individual to win but keep going Steve- i remember when you first started building that program and you deserve praise for building a program that has withstood the test of time. You've achieved greatness in our profession and sport- congratulations!
* Congrats to Coach Shields for his Sports Hall of Fame induction- a very deserved honour to yet another icon.
* Bob Adams- thank you so much for all you did for the Canadian university game. you were a friend to all Canadian University coaches- you are an unsung hero. Appreciate what you did for so long.
* Glad i'm not coaching in August and playing games on september 1- I bet my former players feel happy they didn't have to start practise that early. can you imagine having to put up with me that early and for that long???!!Guys are being suspended in September- i used to only start throwing them out of practise in late october! Guys go home and spend time with your wives and girlfriends- leave the players alone. Just an opinion, I am hearing about lots of injuries, sickness, etc.. you are just magnifying the odds- thank goodness my guys didn't have to listen to me howl at them in the summer!
* good luck to all of you coaching the 24 second clock- the 30 second game was not bad you know! Our rules were okay. All the 24 second clock has done is allowed bad players the green light to shoot the ball. Now, admittedly, i have only watched a grand total of 12 minutes of CIS ball this season. But everybody's equal these days and the shot selection can make a drinker out of a quaker. And btw, side-top-side went the way of the 8 track- obselete.
* To all you internet chat line guys- congratulations for motivating Dave Smart. before I continue, none of the above comments pertain to Dave or Carleton. You guys can practise when you want and how long you want- anybody with a lifetime 95% winning percentage can do what the heck he wants. Oh yeah, back to you guys all helping Dave: don't be aiding the Ravens by saying they are not as good as they were in the past. You have no idea how Smarty will take that and make those guys practise so hard and so well that you will all be eating your words. give the other teams a chance!
* speaking of the Ravens: can you imagine IF Joe Scanlon actually had an OFFICIAL CONNECTION to the Raven program how long those posts would be? Joe, A+ for your effort and enthusiasm- God bless, just cut it down a wee bit.
* And speaking of posts: to my good martitime friend- Mr. Al Charters- now Al, you and I have known each other for a long time and we've always appreciated the other's point of view and we've always got along but i saw those Capers in lennoxville for a parts of their game with the Gaiters and while there are a lot of "new" faces- you cannot refer to some of those cats as " Your young Capers!" While Jimmy is just fooling us with a bit of pessimism- those guys can play!

* I bought a book today that is absolutely the best book i have ever read on the NBA. I feel like paying double for it. Anybody close to 50 years old- you have to get it: SI's Bill Simmons: The Book of Basketball. All 700 pages of it. the best stuff I have ever read- nothing even comes close.
* Speaking of books: I cannot understand that anyone interested in the Canadian game would not have a copy of "Dream Big dreams"- the Jack Donohue story written by my friend Mike Hickey. A` special book about a special man. To my former colleagues, remember to laugh a little and also remember what Joe Paterno says: " someone put their whole life into that kid you are coaching."


Anonymous said...

I just want to agree with Eddie's comment regarding the Bill Simmons book on pro basketball (NBA / ABA) - it is phenomenal. The auther, Simmons, is the 'Sports Guy' on ESPN.

Anonymous said...

I like Eddie's takes on the FIBA rules and Carleton...bang on.
Just one thing Mr. say Joe Scanlon's a wee bit long winded?
That's kinda like pot calling kettle black, eh coach?
Just kidding.
Both you and Joe can write more amusing and interesting stuff than most beat reporters.

Dave said...

Coach not sure I agree with your comments on teams not practicing year round.
You say Carleton has the right to do it because they have won 95% of their games but the other teams do not?
The only reason Carleton is as successful as they are is because they have far greater mental toughness and discipline than any opponent. Perhaps the CIS coaches should take a page out of Dave Smart's book? Who was the last coach to have the level of success he is having?
Having tough disciplined people in a world where people are usually neither is a good way to get a head start. I think coaches are starting earlier because they are tired of getting their butts kicked. The injuries and sickness maybe more a factor of people not looking after themselves than practicing too much. Since when is a coach's stance not to practice much?