Wednesday, 18 November 2009

U of T's Paris suspended 2 games by OUA

In a ruling that came down earlier today, the OUA has suspended Varsity Blues fifth-year guard Rob Paris for two games for an incident during the second quarter of Toronto's victory at McMaster this past Friday night. With the Blues leading by 1, Paris and McMaster's freshman guard Victor Raso got tangled up and when Paris got up from the floor he appeared to step on Raso's upper body. Officials quickly stopped the game and assessed a flagrant foul on Paris but did not eject him from the game. Raso was injured but came back to play later in the game, won by the Blues by 10, and also participated in the Marauders victory the following night against Ryerson. At last word, the U of T athletic department is contemplating an appeal of the suspension. If the suspension holds, Paris would be unavailable for Toronto's pair of weekend games at Brock and at Guelph.


Anonymous said...

If the young man is suspended then so also should be the official that make the call. According to some that were in attendance it was quite flagrant but you have to remember that it would be the hometown fans that gave this opinion. I'm seen Paris play many many times and I don't think he is this type of player but anyone can get carried away in the heat of the moment, but you have to be responsible for your actions. Just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game...and this makes no sense. In fact if Victor wasn't Coach Raso's son, I don't think anything would have come from this. The players got tangled up, and Joe Raso who is one of the louder coaches got his way.

Anonymous said...

The young Raso should get an Oscar for his performance.Apparently his Daddy had to restrain him the following night at the game. It would be a total injustice if Paris serves this suspension, he is a great player who has never played "dirty" in his career; his game alone speaks for his integrity as a player.