Tuesday, 17 November 2009

More on Windsor's shot at end of regulation at Ottawa

My most recent Top 10 alluded to a situation at the end of regulation time in the Windsor at Ottawa game on Saturday night which I commented that it appeared to some that a Lancer shot to win the game may have beat the buzzer, negating the need for an overtime - Windsor subsequently won the game. The source of that information was a member of the Ottawa coaching staff who provided the information in a complementary tone to Windsor suggesting the Lancer victory was even more deserving, certainly not presented in a manner that would suggest the officials at the game had been negligent - quite the contrary in fact, as the call was described as a very difficult one and to the naked eye of that observer, it appeared the basket had scored before the horn had sounded. Upon further discussion with the source, watching his version of the game tape, source felt it was still inconclusive and very difficult to say but if he had to guess, he would say the basket was good (it was waved off). My entire reason for including the situation in the commentary on Windsor was to reinforce that the road win against a traditionally tough opponent should solidify where the Lancers are ranked - not to criticize how the officials called or dealt with the situation... Thanks to an official who worked the game we are pleased to provide another perspective which shows how thorough the officials were in ensuring the correct call was made. Here is an excerpt from a note:

I generally make it point not to respond to these articles about officials and calls..... but in this case I think your information about the last basket in regular time is incorrect. As you know the game was televised by Rogers TV. At no point did they show the actual score clock to determine if time had expired or not. In fact the time on the bottom of the screen it was showing 0.00!

Officials review each game with a video supplied by the home school. This video in fact has the clock and the shooter in line. The Windsor player still had the ball in his hand when the clock showed 0.00. I have no problem providing you a copy of the video so that you can see it for your self. Better yet if you can tell me how to cut that frame out and send via email, I will certainly do so. (NOTE: I believe the official so no request for this was made).

We appreciate the follow up with this information and a perspective on the situation. Will video replay be an issue at the next spring's referees/coaches meetings ?

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