Friday, 25 January 2008

The Scrum CIS Round Table

An excellent piece on the Scrum with CIS men's basketball discussions featuring Chris Kallan (Halifax Daily News), Chad Lucas (Halifax Chronicle-Herald) and Greg Layson (Guelph Mercury) providing their thoughts on the CIS season. Roundtable on the Scrum


Anonymous said...

An interesting read. It's a shame some of the reporters involved spent much of the article navel gazing into their own backyard.

It seems that the critics of the move to Ottawa for Nationals are now straining to find criticize. Now they're worried about the distance from the western suburbs of Ottawa where Scotiabank Place is located to downtown? It's a 15 minute drive outside of rush hour and the shuttle buses will get you there in about 20.

The real atmosphere will be inside the arena, where it counts.

Anonymous said...

What is a shame to me is the people who call the 20-minute shuttle a non-issue and act like this is something we're just now making up just so we have something to complain about. It's an issue and if we're apparently gazing at our navels (rrrright), then I'd like to know where the heads are of the Ottawa people who condescendingly react to any criticism sent their way. For the 11-millionth time: We hope things are golden and work great there, but don't act like we're not allowed to at least raise some concerns.