Sunday, 27 January 2008

Launch of CISHOOPS.CA Media Poll

As alluded to over the past week or so, here is an announcement on the new CIS Men's Basketball Media Poll we are launching this evening...

With the primary objectives of increasing the profile of CIS men's basketball across the country and providing an alternative to other polls and computer generated rankings, I am pleased to announce the official launch of the CISHOOPS.CA Media Poll, supported by a team of over 20 members of the Canadian sports media from coast-to-coast. The inaugural poll will be published this coming Tuesday, January 29th, 2008.

Thanks to the tremendous work of Dr. Neil Foshay, Computer Science Professor at St. Francis Xavier University, voters will be able to cast their ballots on-line using a user-friendly, web-based routine. Votes will be dissemenated instanteously and available for publishing by our erstwhile volunteer adminstrator: Wayne Kondro, Ottawa Citizen CIS basketball writer. To bring immediate profile to the poll, CanWest Global news services has agreed to pick up the weekly poll, with other outlets expected to soon follow.

Much thanks to the tireless work and creativity of Neil and team in Antigonish and Wayne in Ottawa to make the Media Poll a reality.

To ensure an objective poll and bring legitimacy consistent with prevailing industry standards, the poll members will be restricted to affiliation with Canadian media outlets. We will publish a list of voters and voting guidelines shortly.

We are all excited to bring this writer's poll to reality and expect that together we will help CIS men's basketball continue to grow in stature and profile.

Look for the first CISHOOPS.CA Top 10 Media Poll on Tuesday on this site and likely Wednesday in the print press across Canada.


bballdad said...

Congratulations to CIS and the media for this LONG overdue coverage. As a fan of the CIS game, I applaud the efforts of these hard working folks to bring this terrific game more national exposure. Thanks again.We can't wait for Tuesday !!

Paul Morrison

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Looking forward to the new poll.

Anonymous said...

once again, I am amazed at our canadian attitude that me must follow the US in everything we do. Not only do we complain about coaches polls because of regional bias, the inability to see all the teams play, no we are going to have a media poll????? What will be different??? Nothing.. I am constantly amazed at the arrogance of the media. Why on earth would I care who a reporter thinks is good. As with most media, (and I used to be one so I know) they are fans that think they know more than they do.
It will be fun aruging point though.

Anonymous said...

You’re an idiot Anonymous (II).

Any additional coverage of the CIS is a good thing.

The current poll is flawed (as coaches appear biased in their voting based on rankings to achieve the 8th bid for Nationals).

An additional media outlet can't hurt the game.

Why wouldn't we attempt to create a similar situation like the US media poll? I mean - is the NCAA not the best basketball around? Will you not watch every game in the tourney and argue over who should be in/out based on various polls (both public/media/coaches)?

This seems like a no-brainer to me. Congrats to - a great site.

De La Ghetto

Anonymous said...

pleae read the last line of the post... it will be fun arguing.. as you already have done...
It will bring more attention, but please spare me on the legitamacy issue.... and secondly, out teams earn their way into the playoffs and nationals, with ONE at-large bid, not 35!!!! so what exactly will make this new poll more fair, bring balance to the universe...


Anonymous said...


You'll note that I said nothing about the new poll not being flawed, is fair, or will change the universe. I do appreciate your efforts to speak on my behalf, however, please read before rambling on next time.

I said;

1. This will bring more attention to the league,
2. The old system is flawed (did not incur that the new system is inherently better (however, I do believe with further education, information and polls available (such as the new one on, there is potential to increase ones knowledge, and perhaps even sway the thoughts of coaches who currently vote,
3. I alluded to the fact that the US system is supreme (and there is nothing wrong with copying it).

Again – no change the universe type discussion – I think literacy could change the universe.....perhaps a lesson might help some within this discussion.