Monday, 28 January 2008

Canada Basketball re-launches Web Site

I had a nice chat with George Giantsopoulos from Canada Basketball earlier today, who confirmed what Dave Wells from Lethbridge had alerted us to last week: Canada Basketball has a glitzy, nice web site, completely revamped and claiming to be "Your #1 Source for all things basketball in Canada". To my knowledge this is the first major initiative completed under the management of Wayne Parrish, who entered his post as Executive Director of Canada's governing body of basketball with a reputation as a New Media specialist. At first glance, the site has dramatically more creative appeal than its predecesor with slick fonts, appealing colour schemes and easy to navigate sub-menus in a nice spot on the site. The site also promises to take advantage of video technology with Access Hoops TV. Many of the links contain useful information including a comprehensive look at Canadians playing abroad and photos and links summarizing Canada's summer. As well, Giantsopoulos was gracious enough to promise to include a link to on the site and for that I am grateful. All in all, this is a solid first-step in creating more profile and promoting Canada Basketball effectively. I urge you to visit the newly re-launched Canada Basketball and have a look for yourself.

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