Friday, 8 February 2008

CIS Men's Basketball Championship Draw

Several emails have asked that we outline the format and probable participants in the CIS Final 8 in Ottawa in mid-March.


Dates: Friday, March 14 - Sunday, March 16
Location: Carleton University, Ottawa (at Scotiabank Place)
Format: 8-team, single elimination (quarterfinals, semifinals, final)
Participating teams:
AUS champions (winner of AUS tournament in Halifax scheduled for March 7th through 9th at Halifax Metro Center; top 6 AUS teams are invited to single-elimination tournament)
QSSF champions (winner of QSSF playoffs; top 4 teams make playoffs with single-game semi-final and finals at home of higher seed)
OUA champions (winner of OUA championship - Wilson Cup Game - between OUA East and OUA West champion at home of OUA East champion)
Canada West champions (winner of Canada West Final Four tournament; two-day single elimination tournament at home of Canada West Central Division champion)
one assigned berth OUA (loser of OUA championship Wilson Cup Game)
one assigned berth Canada West (loser of Canada West Final Four championship game)
1 at-large berth (wildcard) (to be determined by committee and likely announced on Sunday, March 9th)
Championship host/Defending champions: Carleton Ravens.

NOTE: If Carleton wins OUA East championship, a one-game, sudden-death play-in game between OUA East finalist and OUA West finalist will take place at the home of the OUA West on the same day as the Wilson Cup to determine the OUA assigned berth team.

Schedule (all times LOCAL):

Friday, March 14
11:30 am Quarterfinal 1
2:00 pm Quarterfinal 2
6:00 pm Quarterfinal 3
8:00 pm Quarterfinal 4

Saturday, March 15
11:30 am Consolation 1
1:30 pm Consolation 2
6:00 pm Semifinal 1
8:00 pm Semifinal 2

Sunday, March 16
12:30 pm 5th Place
3:30 pm Final

* No Bronze game


Anonymous said...

This 3 year host deal for Carleton is a farce and a travesty. Shame on the CIS for letting this happen. One year - OK, maybe. But three is ridiculous. We wonder why CIS basketball can't get any traction. I think the problem starts at the top

Anonymous said...

Was having it in Halifax for 24 years in a row any better?
The AUS had home floor advantage for nearly a quarter century.
For teams like St. Mary's and X, the Metro Center was de facto home court anyway.
The CIS needed to take this show on the road and Carleton with its financial backers came up with the bucks to do it.
I would wait until the three years are up before passing final judgment.

Jayme said...

Like it or not they had to get out of of nova scotia.To add for the cis to have the event at the scotia bank will add credit to the tournemant.