Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Latest from the Scrum: Smart to appear on podcast next week

*** Neate Sager's piece on last night's playoff action *** Hoops: Windsor washed away

Here is the latest post from the boys in Brandon Enough is enough

As well, their latest podcast (Podcast XI) features a strong interview with Windsor Head Coach Chris Oliver, completed a couple of days prior to last night's Lancers loss Scrum Podcast with Chris Oliver

The boys also announced that Carleton Head Coach Dave Smart is scheduled to be interviewed on the Scrum's podcast next week (Podcast XII).


Anonymous said...

Here's a message to "the boys from Brandon"....quit your whining already!
So Brandon got dropped a notch to #3...well, boo hoo.
If anyone should be mad, it's Calgary who is still stuck at #4 despite whipping Alberta two straight.
Regina had absolutely no business taking even one game from the Bobcats.
That series should have gone two straight.
Besides, you should be thrilled Brandon is #3, instead of #2.
Are you aware of the curse of the #2 seed at nationals in recent years?
Don't believe me?
Look it up!
Last year UBC, the #2 seed went down like Michael Spinks v Tyson to Ottawa U.
And the #3 seed in 06 and 07?
Hmmm...they did alright!

The said...

As one of the "boys from Brandon", I'd just like to have it pointed out to me where I was whining? Once again, I could care less where teams get ranked, but there's supposedly these rules and I argued they should at least be followed. But you're right, anytime you stand up and have an opinion on something, it's whining. So we'll all just sit down and sign all our posts "anonymous". I would also welcome anyone who posts opinions against ours to actually do it on our site. Wanna call me a whiner? Don't hide in the bushes while you do it.