Friday, 15 February 2008

More Links Previewing Canada West Playoffs

Dan Stinson of the Vancouver Sun previews both UBC's men's and women's first round playoff action Head Coach not taking Vikes for granted; Dan also has a piece on UBC's commitment from Akeem Pierre, one of the top high schoolers in B.C.

UBC's campus newspaper, Ubyssey, previews the T-Birds first round playoff series Men's basketball takes on Fraser Valley

The Cord, Laurier's campus newspaper, has a piece on the Golden Hawks

Howard Tsumura hands out Howie's hoop hardware for this past regular season

Kevin Mitchell of the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix on Saskatchewan's playoff hopes BBall Huskies pumped up for playoffs

Ron Rauch of Victoria Times-colonist with a SFU at UVic preview Familiar faces first up

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