Thursday, 28 February 2008

Follow Up to Alex Tourigny's recent article

Alex has asked that I post this after some recent conversations he had...

Good morning esteemed reader,

In my UQAM / Laval recap from last week, I wrote that Jérôme-Turcotte Routhier (from Laval) lost his cool during the game, flipping the bird to Samuel Johson from UQAM.

First of all, I got to admit that it was more a Rafael Nadal (vamos) gesture (that can be use as an obsene gesture, than a middle finger - even if both gesture can be done has one at once).

I spoke to Jérome earlier this morning and cleared everything out. The bottom line is that I misinterpreted Jérôme's gesture. Altough he did do a Rafael Nadal type of move, it was only to CELEBRATE and NOT an obsene gesture towards Samuel Johnson.

What led me to believe that is that Jérôme did look at Johnson while doing so and that it happened just after he lost his temper (and he acknoledged that he did overreact).

So, I want to apologize to Jérôme Turcotte-Routhier for misinterpreting his gesture. He is a great rookie player and will be one of Laval main players for years to come. I don't want his name to be tarnished because of what that misinterpretation.

Alexandre Tourigny

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