Thursday, 25 November 2010

RMC Update

Team Previews... I have received several notes requesting team previews be completed and admittedly I was unable to complete all of them this season.  Hopefully the teams that don't have an official preview post (difficult to substantiate a "preview" at this late stage in my mind) have/will receive more coverage in the game reports and weekend updates.  Today we take a quick look at RMC Paladins, who return three fourth-year veterans in 6'9 Nick Cooke, 6'7 Simon Dakin and 5'10 Gavin Viray-Cox.  Historically, Cadets have been tremendous students who complete their degrees in four years and rarely do the Paladins get players for a fifth year.  Others returning players to the Paladins lineup include 2nd yr 6'1 Jon Wilson, 3rd yr 6'0 James Byun.  RMC's top recruit is 6'2 Connor Duke from Dartmouth, NS.  Recruiting remains the biggest challenge with only 150 available spaces for 1st yr recruits and 1500 applicants annually for those spots.  Another significant challenge when attempting to put together a basketball roster is the Colleges' application deadline of January 15, 2011.  Still, coach Scott James remains optimistic with already 12 potential recruits having applied for next season, dramatically more than the previous two years combined.  Here's hoping that the Paladins can have a series of successful recruiting classes to upgrade their talent level to the days of Kevin Dulude and former coach Craig Norman, the most successful coach in RMC basketball history.

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