Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Canada West Weekend Preview from Wayne Thomas

Dinos get weekend off

How Are You Away From Home ?

Basketball is a notoriously ‘homer’ sport, with home court advantage giving some teams the boost they need to knock off a higher - ranked team. Your own fans, familiar rims, your own bed, and familiar routines can be big factors in getting that W. And, dare we suggest, referees who live in the community can, very rarely of course, ‘lean with the wind’.
So let’s take a look at week 4 games coming up in Canada West, with an eye to the home and away elements playing a role in the results ...

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Anonymous said...

Gotta stand up for the zebras on this post. "Leaning with the wind" by "guys from their hometown" is statistically invalid. In leagues where officials are flown amongst all cities (i.e. NBA, D-League, NCAA D1, Euroleague), home teams invariably shoot more free throws. The overwhelming reasons why home teams shoot more free throws and foul less is effort/adrenaline/fan motivation etc.. With extremely rare exceptions (Donaghy), officials (good/medicore/bad) are unbiased - if you spent 5 minutes with any CIS officials after a game you would agree.