Friday, 12 November 2010

Jesse Sazant's CIS in Europe Report

Great to hear from Jesse again.  For new readers, Jesse Sazant is a former member of the Carleton Ravens coaching staff circa ~10 or more years ago and for the past decade or so Chairman and Director of Basketball for the Medway Park Crusaders playing in the England Basketball National League based in Canterbury, Kent.  Jesse provides our readers with periodic updates of the CIS players he knows who are currently playing in Europe.  See below for the latest edition.  Please advise us if there is someone not on this list who should be and we will update.

Osvaldo Jeanty (Carleton)

BBC Bayreuth - Germany
Bundesliga - top division
2-7, 17th place
27 MPG, 9 PPG, 3 RPG

Casey Archibald (UBC)
TTU/Kalev Talinn - Estonia
EMKL - top division
7-2, 2nd place
29 MPG, 11 PPG, 5 RPG

Aaron Doornekamp (Carleton)
Pepsi JuveCaserta - Italy
Serie A - top division
0-4, 15th place
10 MPG, 6 PPG, 2 RPG

Josh Gibson-Bascombe (Ottawa)
BK NOVA HUT OSTRAVA - Czech Republic
NBL - top division
5-3, 4th place
31 MPG, 11 PPG, 4 RPG

Stu Turnbull (Carleton)
UBC Hannover Tigers - Germany
Pro A - 2nd division
5-3, 6th place
25 MPG, 15 PPG, 4 RPG

Ali Mahmoud (Ottawa)
Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut - Lebanon
Division A - 2nd division
4-0, 1st place
29 MPG, 8 PPG, 4 RPG, 6 APG

Ross Bekkering (Calgary)
ZZ Leiden - Holland
Eredivisie - top division
5-3, 4th place
31 MPG, 11 PPG, 4 RPG

Robbie Sihota (Calgary)
Rotterdam Challengers - Holland
Eredivisie - top division
0-9, 10th place
31 MPG, 13 PPG, 8 RPG

Kevin McCleery (Carleton)
Magixx KidsRights Nijmegen - Holland
Eredivisie - top division
6-3, 3rd place
19 MPG, 5 PPG, 4 RPG

Henry Bekkering (Calgary)
Gas Terra Flames Groningen - Holland
Eredivisie - top division
9-0, 1st place
14 MPG, 4 PPG, 3 RPG

Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
PBG Basket Poznan - Poland
PLK - top division
4-1, 2nd place
15 MPG, 4 PPG, 3 RPG

Mitch Leger (Queens)
SC Rist Wedel - Germany
Pro B - 3rd division
2-5, 10th place
26 MPG, 12 PPG, 8 RPG

Tut Ruach (York)
CRE Eagles Itzehoe - Germany
Regionalia 1 - 4th division
I couldn't find stats

Jamal Williams (Regina)
Mersey Tigers - England
BBL - top division
5-1, 2nd place
13 MPG, 4 PPG, 3 RPG

Nigel Tyghter-Johnson (Windsor)

CB Vic - Spain
EBA - 4th division
4-1 - 2nd place
I can't find stats yet

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mark Wacyk!

This is really awesome! I can't thank you enough. Helps me visualize the energy of our Canadian guys heading to Europe and bringing their excellence to the game. Sometimes I snoop a little to follow the guys, but way too tedius. Jesse's snapshot is really cool! Doesn't it make you dream of having had a gig like this back when we were in their shoes? he,he Congrats to CIS players and coaches ...proud of you.