Friday, 6 August 2010

Springer-Williams on the move ? + Other CIS vs. NCAA articles of note

We are not usually prone to floating rumours on this site however in this case this potential story could have a profound impact on the OUA and CIS so we are breaking our usual ways for now. We are hearing that last season's CIS Freshman of the Year, 6'5" Clinton Springer-Williams, is set to transfer from Brock and will ultimately land at Gannon College in Erie, Pennsylvannia to suit up for the Golden Knights, an NCAA Division 2 team in the PSAC (Pennsylvannia State Athletic Conference). Expect an announcement to be made in the next week or so. This is a huge blow to the Badgers and incoming interim Head Coach Brad Rootes, who unfortunately was thrust into his position in early summer, well after the normal recruiting period for this coming season. With the coaching churn created by the sudden resignation of two-time CIS National championship coach Ken Murray, Rootes has had virtually no time to mould to his roster; in many cases, taking over a team this late involves simply ensuring existing players come back and re-confirming that prior recruits are still coming. Rootes may also have to find a replacement for Badgers starting point guard as 5'10" Joel Whitty, who had a solid freshman campaign in '08-'09 before nursing his way through an injury-riddled sophomore campaign last season, primarily due to multiple concussions/head injuries, is getting doctor's opinions as to whether or not resuming his career is a good idea or not. Also, 6'8" reserve forward Riley Halpin, who got into 5 league games as a freshman last season and averaged about 1.6 pppg, is set to transfer back home to Halifax and likely will end up at Saint Mary's. Coach Rootes should have his coaching staff announced shortly and here's hoping that long-time Region coach Brian "Mugsy" Mulligan, a legend who coached Jay Triano during his high school years in the 1970's and one of my all-time favorites, remains connected with CIS basketball.


Idaho State prepares to travel to Canada next week and will play at Fraser Valley on Tuesday, August 17th. Here is an Idaho State preview from a local Idaho newspaper.

Wayne Thomas has another great entry in Dino Hoops news that previews Northern Arizona Lumberjacks visit to Calgary and also covers Canada West recruiting. Article from Lumberjacks web site


Anonymous said...

"This is a huge blow to the Badgers and incoming interim Head Coach Brad Rootes"

Considering some of the rumours about whether or not Rootes played a part in pushing Murray out, this may simply be a case of reaping what one sows.

Sean said...

"Sudden resignation"? "Thrust into his new role"? Interesting phrasing considering what is common knowledge regarding what happened at Brock.

Anonymous said...

Springer-Williams' imminent departure reinforces the widely held belief that there was, indeed, a divided camp on last years team.
Under Murray, CSW got 5th year type PT and was the go to guy pretty much the whole season the expense of the 2009 CIS ROY Mukendi.
His talent will obviously be missed, but maybe in the long run the Badgers will be better off.
Perhaps now with one half of an apparently unhealthy rivalry gone, the team will unite under Rootes' leadership.