Saturday, 28 August 2010

Maine defeats Carleton by 11

The Ravens were down by as many as 18 on a couple of occasions, losing to a veteran NCAA D1 team forecasted to win their conference this season.
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Anonymous said...

Today's game followed a similar pattern to the Ravens first game against NM State, with a poor first half followed by a decent second half performance.
Defensively, Carleton was OK, especially in the second half.
Offensively though, the Ravens are still struggling to produce points.
Without McCleery,there is no one dominant big man in the post. Aaron Chapman has the height but not the bulk to dominate, although he was the Ravens leading rebounder today with 9.
Really though, the biggest concern is the dismal perimeter shooting.
7-32 from 3, matching their mark in the NMS game. The poor shooting is a carryover from their last game of last season, when the Ravens shot 2-17 from 3 in their semi final loss to Sask.
That's 16-81 or 19% from 3 their last 3 games.
For a team that can no longer count on easy points under the basket from a 6'8" post, it is imperative that Carleton's long range bombers start clicking.