Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bearcats prepare for Canada Trip

Coach Mick Cronin has some nice words for his opponents as Cincinnati prepares to play McGill, Carleton (at Scotiabank Place) and uOttawa on Labour Day weekend.

Cronin's Cats return to practice

Butch Jones and the UC football team aren’t the only Bearcats in the midst of preseason preparation. Mick Cronin and the Cincinnati men’s basketball team are beginning practice early this season as a foreign tour north approaches.

The NCAA allows teams to take one preseason foreign tour every four years, so this season Cronin will take his Bearcats on a three-game trip to Ottawa, Canada.

The Bearcats returned to the practice court in Fifth Third Arena Friday, Aug. 20, for the first of 10 practices before the team spends a weekend in Ottawa.

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1 comment:

Jason Cormier said...

Talk about sloppy reporting in the linked article:

"The Carlton Ravens are Canada’s six-time defending national champions."

They write "Carlton" throughout the article, it's not a one-time typo. Of course the, the way they describe the past record is also inaccurate.