Saturday, 28 August 2010

Lebanon 81 Canada 71

An inability to find offense from more than a couple of players and poor work on the defensive glass, especially after missed free throws contributed to Canada's disappointing 10 point loss to lebanon on the opening day of play in group D of the 2010 FIBA world championships in turkey. Andy rautins played with a knee brace but his shooting kept Canada in the game until he was forced to the bench with 4 fouls. Canada led by 6 at 52 46 early in the 3rd on b2b 3 pointers by jevohn shepherd but Canada could not score consistently after that as lebanon outscored Canadians 27 13 to lead by 8 late. Canada got it to 5 but could come no closer. Canada meets luthuania tomorrow.
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Anonymous said...

So canada lost it!!! No praise for the lebanese team that outplayed the canadians!

its a shame there was no praise for the lebanese team!

Jason Cormier said...

While the 4th quarter was especially frustrating from the viewpoint of a Canadian supporter, the coverage itself was an even greater source of frustration throughout.

I kept wondering what was more amateurish: Missing far too many backcourt plays because of post-basket shots that lingered way too long on supporters (even long by North America, let's show all the big breasted woman for a while, standards) or that fixation the producer had with showing close ups of the basket long after free throws were successfully made.

I realize that TSN has no control over the camera work of the host broadcaster but they certainly had control over the amateur hour taking place in the play by play booth. It was a couple of cheerleaders with a coaching fetish. At times they were no better than the inebriated fan who thinks he knows how to run the show better than the coach and decides to let everyone around them know. (Though in the case of Leo "I'm just here to look pretty" Rautins, that might very well be the case.)