Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Canada 86, China 62

Canada jumped out to a 20+ point lead off the opening and cruised to an easy win against the Chinese in front of almost 5,000 fans in Vancouver.

Canada 86, China 62

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Anonymous said...

Our national basketball and soccer especially...must be extremely envious of our national hockey teams.
When Canada competes on home ice internationally, we have come to expect a sea of red in the stands cheering madly for the home team...
Uh, not so much.
Remember the catastrophe that was the FIBA Worlds in Toronto?
Our "home court advantage" was a joke.
Our guys might as well been playing in Belgrade or Athens or Rome.
How embarrassing was it to witness fellow Canadians not only cheering against Canada but in some instances booing the team.
The United States is also a multi ethnic nation but I can't imagine ever a similar scenario happening there.
It's awful to say this but I hope Toronto never lands another major FIBA event.