Thursday, 15 October 2009

TWU's Tonner Jackson's column

We've started our sweep of the various student newspapers across the country and came across this story by Trinity Western Spartans Tonner Jackson in the Mars'hill, TWU student newspaper

Tonner's World

As told by men’s basketball forward Tonner Jackson
By Tonner Jackson

This year’s men’s basketball team is probably bearing the heaviest expectations of any Spartans basketball team ever. Every time I step on the court for practice there is a truly inimitable energy that has everyone stepping out of his comfort zone, ready to battle. I think the driving force behind this feeling is the collective agreement that this team truly is a championship contending team; a team, made up of individual’s doing their part to contribute to the goal of winning the championship.

We just got back from our team retreat in Whistler, where we collectively discussed our team goals and mission statement. Imagine, twenty-two guys, five human kinetics majors, four psychology, two communication, two political science, six business, one dude with a size 16 sneakers, with two-and-a-half black guys trying to make decisions. Yeah, problems. I’m just being facetious, but seriously it’s amazing how such a large team could be so close and be equally committed to one goal that is a CIS National Championship. I could go on about how we are all devoted to the Complete Champion Approach, in which we strive to grow both on the court and in the community. However, if you were to ask each of the players on this years men’s basketball team individually what their goal is for this year the answer is simple: to win a national title.

As for me, you know I need to get mine. I can be seen on campus consuming Big Blue protein shakes with a chicken breast stir after I finish my daily squat thrusts. In all seriousness, it’s quite simple. I do everything in my power to adhere to all my coaches’ demands to win a championship. In closing, in the words of my brother, from another mother, “lets get it!”

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