Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Saint Mary's 95, Acadia 74

6'1" Joey Haywood set the all-time AUS single season point scoring record with 30 in Wolfville as the Huskies solidified their hold on an AUS tournament spot with a decisive win over the Axemen who must now win their final 2 four-point games against Memorial on the weekend to qualify for the tournament.  Saint Mary's hit 10 for 18 from beyond the arc and overcame a 24 point effort from 6'8" Owen Klassen.

Acadia could finish as high as 4th place with two 4 point wins over Memorial or could finish out of the playoffs with a split or two losses.  If Acadia splits and UPEI loses both of their road games, both teams would finish with 18 points however the Panthers would get the 6th seed in the tournament by virtue of the point spread in the season series between the two teams:  Acadia won the first game 80-71 with the Panthers coming back to take the rematch by 11 (64-53). 

Here are spots 4 through 7 currently:

UNB 8-10, 20 points (at St. FX, at Cape Breton)
SMU 7-12, 20 points (at Dalhousie)
UPEI 7-11, 18 points (at Cape Breton, at St. FX)
Acadia 5-13, 14 points (host Memorial twice for two 4 point games).


Bill McLean said...

The Huskies are safe but not completely out of trouble. If this scenario occurs:
Acadia sweeps MUN for 8 points.
UPEI gets 1 win vs CBU or X for 4 pts.
SMU loses to Dal.
Then the final standings would look like this:
4.UPEI-22 pts
5.Acadia-22 pts
6.UNB -20 pts (assuming UNB loses at x and Cbu)
7. SMU- 20 pts.

There are about 1000 different possibilities right now so it should be an interesting weekend. Can any of the above teams make a run at the tourney? SMU maybe, but the rest will be fodder for Cape Breton on Semi final saturday.

Adam Connolly said...

I agree Bill.. its interesting to see who gets in, however whoever gets the 6 seed will be one and done vs X, and CBU should have no problems with whoever they get..

Being from PEI and watching the Panthers play this year, I would be shocked if they were able to win either game this weekend and will likely be the outside team looking in.. Chances are Acadia will take care of Memorial

Anonymous said...

If SMU didn't have Haywood I think they would be worse than MUN.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion if SMU grabs 6th seed and has to play X, that game would be exciting and down to the wire. Could go either way. Anybody else will get crushed by X.

Bill McLean said...

Agree on all counts. Can't see UPEI beating X or CBU and the Huskies are the only team that can beat X as a six seed. Very likely were looking at these quarters:
Acadia vs. UNB
SMU vs X

Does anyone think MUN can take 1 game from Acadia? The Axemen are 1-10 in their last 11 games with thier only win on a tip in at the buzzer

Adam Connolly said...

If the Acadia/Memorial games were in Nfld I culd see a split, but not in Wolfville.. I hope I'm wrong,