Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Blackberry CIS Coaches Top 10 for 15 Feb 2011

My bad on the first poll published here.  Below is the correct poll with Concordia in the honourable mention slot among other changes from last week.  Apologies.  Still, X ahead of Dal despite a recent comfortable win by the Tigers over X to sweep the season series is a tad headscratching.  Other than that, UVic gets some love just in time to show it is deserving as the Vikes host #2 UBC for a pair of games in Victoria over the weeeknd.


(regular season record) / votes (first-place votes) / (previous rankings)

1. Carleton (21-0) / 492 pts
2. UBC (20-2) / 451
3. Saskatchewan (18-4) / 402
4. Trinity Western (21-3) / 369
5. Cape Breton (16-1) / 336
6. Lakehead (16-4) / 285
7. StFX (11-5) / 231
8. Dalhousie (11-5) / 205
9. Windsor (14-6) / 171
10. Laval (9-4) / 101

Other teams receiving votes: Victoria (54), Concordia (46), Toronto (12).


Anonymous said...

Laval has went 2-3 over the past three weekends and yet stays at number 8 again this week. Pretty hard to believe that they've stayed in the top 10 let alone haven't even dropped one position.

Oh well, playoffs are coming.

Adam Connolly said...

any idea why the 10 team tournament didnt last?
Pretty tough sledding for the 7-10 teams i suppose but i enjoyed having the 2 additional games on thursday

Anonymous said...

Looks like west teams are afraid of Uccb and Carleton...in their perfect bracket would have Carleton 1 Ubc 2 USask 3 trinity western 5 Lakehead 6 laval 7 Dal 8.
Whoever make canwest finals want to avoid Uccb and Carleton til the final. Weak

Anonymous said...

Why would any west team be afraid of Cape Breton?
And please, don't put the Capers in the same sentence with Carleton.
I don't care if CBU is 16-1....the AUS is crap and the coaches know it.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous who claims the AUS is crap..how do you back up your argument? There are lots of below average teams in the OUA, West and Quebec. The top 3 teams in AUS (Cape, StFX and Dal), have matched up and can match up with the top teams in the country (the West kind of doesn't play anyone east of Manitoba, so its hard to assess their level).

Lakehead a top 7 team has lost to Dal , StFX and Acadia. Laval a top 10 team has lost to UNB and Acadia.

Acadia a average team in AUS has beaten 2 top 10 teams (granted early in the season).

If you make inane comments at least back it up.

Anonymous said...

If the coaches think the aus is so weak then why do they have 3 teams in the top 10? Also Uccb has #1 RPI. They deserve atleast the 3 seed so they don't have to play 4-1-2 just to win the championship.

Adam Connolly said...

This may be a down year overall for the AUS but their top 3 are very solid. The same can be said for all leagues, both the OUA and CW have a number of weak teams (how is RMC still playing CIS basketball?? seriously). Canada West in particular havehad top seeded teams play regularly at the Nationals with the except of last year of course..
I dont know the numbers off hand, but UBC has gone down in the first round several times despite being a top 2 or 3 seed.