Saturday, 26 February 2011

CIS Canada West Honours Teams

In what we hope will be the first of five pieces on each conference (divisions in OUA), see below for CIS Canada West honours teams.  These are strictly the opinions of this site and not the official Canada West results.

Coach of the Year
Kevin Hanson, UBC
 - Great season for the Birds, who play defence and play together

Player of the Year
Jamelle Barrett, Saskatchewan
 - Jacob Doerksen and Josh Whyte are both former Moser winners, both of who played well enough to deserve POY also.  Barrett led CW in scoring at 25.0 ppg and had over 6.0 assists per game (although assist stats can vary from gym to gym).  He singlehandidly brought the Huskies back in their one-point win at UBC, scoring 34 and also had a season-high 42 points in another game.  Barrett is probably the one player that if his team did not have him, the won-loss record would be significantly different.  Doerksen and Whyte are very important to their teams as well however Barrett moreso.  Other than getting a bit sloppy and showboaty with the ball at times there's not much about Barrett's game not to love. One of the better Canada West seasons in a quarter-century.

First Team All-Stars
Jamelle Barrett, Saskatchewan
Jacob Doerksen, Trinity Western
Josh Whyte, UBC
Jordan Baker, Alberta
Brent Malish, UBC

Second Team All-Stars
Tyrell Mara, Trinity Western
Daniel Ferguson, Alberta
Rejean Chabot, Saskatchewan
Alex Murphy, UBC
Ryan Mackinnon, Victoria

Third Team All-Stars
Greg Stewart, Thompson Rivers
Calvin Westbrook, Trinity Western
Tyler Fidler, Calgary
Michael Lieffers, Saskatchewan
Paul Gareau, Regina

Glue Guy Award
Alex Murphy, UBC  Finally in his fifth and final year Murphy got a starting/leading role with the Thunderbirds and did not disappoint.  Moving Murphy into the starting lineup and giving him more opportunities to be the main decision maker offensively was one of the reasons why Kevin Hanson is Coach of the Year.  Murphy is also an iron man, playing in every game of his career and the flexibility of having his quality talent at the lead guard give UBC several more options offensively.

Top Defensive Player
Greg Stewart, Thompson Rivers  An imposing 7'2" (legit) clogging the lane - blocking and altering shots made Stewart a weapon defensively.  There are many who have been around basketball for a long time who believe had he not had his physical impairment, at his size and a solid 260 lbs., he would be a serious NBA consideration.

All Defensive Team
Greg Stewart, Thompson Rivers
Tyrell Mara, Trinity Western
Kamar Burke, UBC
Michael Lieffers, Saskatchewan
Melvyn Mayott, UBC

Sixth Man of the Year
Nathan Yu, UBC  Instant offense off the bench and author of several big games with his three point shooting.

Newcomers (to the league) Team
Jamelle Barrett, Saskatchewan
Daniel Ferguson, Alberta
Josh Ogden, Manitoba
Kyle Costen, Trinity Western
Lynden Drayton-Barrow, Winnipeg

All Freshman Team
Tommy Nixon, UBC
Phil Labongo, Calgary
Matt Letkeman, Calgary
Kelvin Smith, Winnipeg
Eli Mara, Trinity Western

Player With The Most Senior National Team Upside
Jordan Baker - Has a chance to be very, very good given his wide arsenal of offensive skills.

Notes:  Word out of Manitoba is that 5'10" point guard Josh Ogden had to return home to his native Toronto to address some personal matters about 2 weeks ago and will not return this season.  Ogden left on very good terms with the Bisons program so it was not a disciplinary action.  According to coach Kirby Schepp:  "We are sad to see him go (and) wish him well as he deals with his personal matter."  Schepp added that Ogden would not be back on the Bisons roster next season as he had to leave midway through an academic year and would not have the credits to be eligible for next season.  Ogden had a terrific first season and was a key part of the Bisons resurgence; we wish him well and hope he can return to the CIS at some point.

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