Sunday, 27 February 2011

18 Teams Remain in the hunt

The two biggest weeks of CIS basketball play commence on Tuesday with the QUBL semi-finals with another important weekend coming in which all 4 conference champions will be crowned.  Eighteen teams remain as of tonight and early Saturday morning (after Friday night's games), we will know the first 5 teams to qualify for the Nationals and on Saturday teams 6 & 7 will be known.  Sunday night the CIS will announce the wild card team, seedings and draw for the Final Eight which begins a week from Friday in Halifax.  This week's schedule:

Tuesday, March 1st
7 PM ET UQAM at Concordia (QUBL semi-final)
7 PM ET McGill at Laval (QUBL semi-final)

Friday, March 4th (BOLD game winners qualify for Nationals)
5 PM ET (6 PM AT) Acadia vs. UNB (AUS Tournament Quarter-Final at Halifax Metro Center)
6 PM ET Ottawa vs. Lakehead (OUA semi-final at McMaster University)
7 PM ET QUBL Championship game (teams/site to be determined)
7:15 PM ET (8:15 PM AT) St. FX vs. Saint Mary's (AUS Tournament Quarter-Final at Halifax Metro Center)
8 PM ET Laurier vs. Carleton (OUA semi-final at McMaster University)
10 PM ET (7 PM PT) Alberta at UBC (Canada West semi-final at UBC)
Midnight ET (9 PM PT) Trinity Western vs. Saskatchewan (Canada West semi-final at UBC)

Saturday, March 5th
5 PM ET (6 PM AT) tbd vs. Cape Breton (AUS Tournament Quarter-Final at Halifax Metro Center)
7:15 PM ET (8:15 PM AT) tbd vs. Dalhousie (AUS Tournament Quarter-Final at Halifax Metro Center)
8 PM ET  tbd (OUA Wilson Cup championship game at McMaster University)
10 PM ET (7 PM PT) tbd (Canada West third place game at UBC)
Midnight ET (9 PM PT) tbd (Canada West championship game at UBC)

Sunday, March 6th
2 PM AT (1 PM ET)  AUS Championship game at Halifax Metro Center.


Adam Connolly said...

The wildcard should be very interesting..
Obviously a Carleton loss to Laurier would give the Ravens the WC.. A Carleton win and UBC loss to Alberta would give UBC the wildcard..
The fun part will be if both Carleton and UBC win as expected.. Will the loser of the Sask/TWU game get it (assuming they defeat Alberta in the 3rd place game). Would Lakehead have a shot if they were to lose to Ottawa? What about the Dal/St. F X loser in the AUS semi(assuming X beats SMU in the quarters).
Id be very surprised to see the AUS get 3 teams in from an 8 team conference, however X seem to be the darling of CIS so should they drop the semi-final all bets are off..

My guess is the Canada West sends a 3rd team which means Lakehead have to win and the likely Dal/X game Saturday night should be a great one!

Anonymous said...

If X happens to lose their semi to Dal, it's too bad, so sad for them.
I really can't see them beating out either Trinity or Sask unless that semi loser also loses the 3rd place game and even then....
Lakehead has NO chance for the wild card if they lose to Ottawa.
A loss to the Gee Gees would be their 12th of the season...teams with double digit loss counts need not apply.
So unless Carleton screws the pooch against Laurier, it'll be either Sask or TWU if the universe unfolds as it should.

Adam Connolly said...

I agree.. perhaps the question should be about Alberta.. if they win the 3rd place game over TWU/Sask would the Bears garner consideration??
TWU's loss to FV could haunt them should they drop both games this weekend..

Too bad the CIS wouldn't go abck to the final 10 format they had a few years back..

ps.. AWESOME to see the Score picking up the OUA semi finals this week.. hopefully this will lead to a few games shown throughout the season

Anonymous said...

Yes, Adam, it's awesome The Score is doing the Wilson Cup (even if one game is tape delayed).
The Score likes CIS sports, knows CIS sports and does a very proper job of covering it.
But TSN 2 covering the Final 8...again?
AND blocking SSN from doing ANY webcasts?
SUX2BU CIS basketball fan.

Adam Connolly said...

I agree.. TSN burned me last year.. luckily I will be in Halifax in person this year