Friday, 18 February 2011

Berhanemeskel and the OUA Rookie three point record

Thanks to a couple of readers who corrected my post from this morning regarding Johnny Berhanemeskel and the record for three pointers by an OUA rookie.  While Berhanemeskel's production this season has clearly been impressive, he is still some ways away from the OUA record for threes by a freshman.  According to multiple sources, the unofficial record is held by former Laurentian sharpshooter from the late 80's and early 90's:  Norm Hann, who, in his freshman season (1989-90) knocked down 75 threes (75-for-151 in just 18 games).  For those who go back that far, Hann will be remembered for his torrid shooting streaks, especially at the Ben Avery Gym, on the earliest of Peter Campbell's great set of teams at Laurentian.  Norm went on to have a legendary career, ranking among the top 5 all-time in OUA career scoring with 1,723 points.  One record that Berhanemeskel has set is the uOttawa record for 3's by a rookie with 64, obliterating the record held by Fraser Veevers (28 3's made in 1999-2000).  Berhanemeskel has one game to tie or break the record, needing to knock down 12 tonight at home against Carleton to break the record.

Talk of record breaking performances and the "unofficial" nature of Hann's record and many others brings up the bigger discussion of how and where these records can be compiled, validated and published.  While there are bits and pieces published in the OUA almanac/yearbook, individual University sport archives and elsewhere, to my knowledge there is at least one known well researched, comprehensive and accurate data base of CIS and Canadian interuniversity records that was laboriously compiled several years ago.  Sadly, this strong piece of work that consumed countless of hours of research has not been published or hit the light of day anywhere to my knowledge.  Maybe this innocent discussion can rekindle that great piece of work into being updated and shared with those who may value it.

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