Saturday, 2 October 2010

Laval 75 queens 51

Laval broke open a 2 point game with a 27 10 third quarter run to smack queens in Kingston. After shooting only 4 for 19 3s in the first laval went 6 of 11 in 2nd. Frosh Hughes Ryan led all with 17 pts 7 rebounds including 5 for 9 3s. Tempo turned in lavals favour after halftime.
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Anonymous said...

Interesting that Laval struggled putting away Algonquin, an OCAA team, but romped over Queen's...
Last winter, I went down to Kingston to take in the Queen's-Carleton game.
The Gaels were actually in it until Mitch Leger took a very questionable foul and then was hit with an even more questionable technical.
With 4 PF's coach Smart (Rob) sat him down for what turned out to be the rest of the game.
The moment he left, Carleton poured it on, winning in a blowout.
That game pretty much forecast what life for Queen's will be like post Leger...
in other words the Gaels are in for a world of hurt this season.