Saturday, 23 October 2010

St FX 78 Ottawa 65

The xmen had leads as large as 30 but the young gee gees after a slow start began matching Xs intensity in what was a spirited game with plenty of hard fouls and athleticism. More to follow.
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Anonymous said...

The Gee Gees got off to a very poor start in this did the officiating crew.
But while Ottawa eventually worked itself back into the game, the refs continued to have a bad night.
A lot of fouls were called it's true, but a lot of very physical stuff was let go and it almost created problems.
For example, on one play the X big man was called for traveling when he was clearly fouled hard from behind.
It got to the point where Coach K became incensed, letting the officials know in no uncertain terms of what he thought of their work.
While the inexperienced Gee Gees made lots of mistakes, the X Men were also prone to a lot of errors.
In the latter's case. it may have been carelessness because of the lopsided score.
While X certainly impresses with its depth, athleticism, speed and size, it seems that this team can lose its focus and discipline rather easily.
It seemed especially so when X gets upset emotionally, as they were with the officials.
After Coach K's little tirade, Ottawa began closing the sizable gap in score.
Against Carleton, a team renowned for its steely mental toughness, this tendency could well be exploited by the Ravens.
Still, it would take a major stumble for X not to win the AUS this year.
They are, hands down, the best team in that league.