Friday, 22 October 2010

Smart out as coach at Queen's

News out of Kingston is that Rob Smart Sr. is no longer the Head Coach of the Gaels.  The article link provides more questions than answers to some including some cryptic comments by Queen's AD Leslie Dal Cin in what sounds like a difficult circumstance for all.

Eric Koreen of the Kingston Whig-Standard has more  Odd time for a coaching change 

Former Gael and present Assistant Coach Duncan Cowan takes over for Smart who has done a fine job at Queen's in a division dominated by his brother especially with recruiting in Eastern Ontario.  Under Smart, Queen's was a very disciplined group that was difficult to defend, especially when they ran their high-post, West Virginia/Princeton stuff with Mitch Leger and Co. and when right the Gaels defended and rebounded.  Queen's had some impressive roads wins of note over the years including at Windsor and at uOttawa as well as some playoff upsets.  Rob Smart Sr. had a very good career as Queen's Head Coach.


Anonymous said...

Recruiting athletes to Queens must be next to impossible. I'm sure Rob stuck to his principles and that's why he's not there. Dal Cin should just realize that Queens' entrance grades are just too high to have a successful basketball team.

Anonymous said...

The point spread of the next Carleton-Queens game just increased by 10.

Anonymous said...

"Queen's entrance grades are just too high to have a successful basketball team"....
What a pile of malarkey!
In case you haven't noticed, Queen's has won two or three national championships in football and are perennial contenders (except maybe this year) for the Yates Cup.
I don't think football players get a mulligan when it comes to entrance standards.
The problem with Queen's basketball is that it has been so lousy for so long people just accept the bull crap argument that the academic standards are too high.
That, my friend, is called a defeatist attitude.
A built in excuse to accept the unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Smart is an excellent tactical coach and doesn't work hard enough recruiting. Leger carried that program (and Smart) a long way. If they'd got Klassen and Faulkner?