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CIS Non-Conference Schedule

October 29-30, 2010
St. FX Nike Classic UPEI, Saint Mary's, UNB (2 games in 2 days semi-finals, final, first round matchups to be determined later)
Exhibition Games:
Thurs. Oct 28 Guelph vs St. FX at Saint Mary's (Halifax) 6 PM AT
Thurs. Oct 28 Ottawa at Saint Mary's 8 PM AT
Fri Oct 29 Ryerson at Humber
Fri Oct 29 UQAM at Laurier
Fri Oct. 29 Bishop's at York 8 PM
Fri Oct. 29 McGill at Toronto 7:00 p.m.
Fri. Oct 29 Guelph at Acadia 7:00 PM
Fri. Oct 29 Ottawa at Dalhousie
Sat Oct. 30 Bishop's at Toronto 7 PM
Sat, Oct 30 Bishop's at Ryerson 8 PM.
Sat, Oct 30 UQAM at Windsor
Sat. Oct 30 Fanshawe College at Waterloo 4 PM
Sat. Oct 30 Ottawa at Acadia 7:00 PM
Sat. Oct 30 Guelph at Dalhousie
Sun. Oct 31 McGill at York 2 PM

Fri. Oct. 29 Concordia at Rhode Island
Fri. Oct. 29 Laval at Brigham Young
Sat. Oct. 30 Carleton at Buffalo
Sat. Oct. 30 Laval at Utah State
Sun. Oct 31 Concordia at Vermont 1 PM.
Mon. Nov. 1 McGill at Rutgers (New Brunswick, NJ)
Mon. Nov. 1 Carleton at Cincinnati
Mon. Nov. 1 Laval at Weber State
Tues.Nov. 2 McGill at Robert Morris (Pittsburgh, PA)

December 26, January 4
Exhibition Games
Fri Dec 17 Winnipeg at Jamestown College
Sat Dec 18 Trinity Western at Warner-Pacific (NAIA)
Sun Dec 19 Trinity Western at Concordia-Portland (NAIA)
Tue Dec 21 Durham at Ryerson 7 PM
Tue Dec 21 Toronto at Daemen 5:30
Wed Dec 22 Toronto at Daemen 5:30
Dec. 28-29 Laurier at Daemen College
Winnipeg Wesmen Classic Dec 28-30 includes Manitoba, Lakehead, Saskatchewan
Ryerson National Invitational Tournament includes Alberta, Toronto, Waterloo
Dalhousie Rod Shovellor Memorial Tournament includes Saint Mary's, St. FX, Acadia, Queen's, RMC, Laval, Concordia
UQAM Christmas Tournament includes McGill, Bishop's, Ottawa, Guelph
Dec 28-29 Windsor at Notre Dame Christmas Invitational South Bend, IN
Dec 28-29, vs TBA in Montana State University Northern Tournament (Havre)
UVic Southern California Tour:  Dec. 28 Biola (La Mirada, CA), Dec. 29 San Diego Christian (El Cajon, CA), Dec. 30 Vanguard (Costa Mesa, CA)
Dec. 28 Western at Daemen College (N.Y.)
Jan. 1 Regina at Williston State College
Jan. 3 University of Great Falls at Lethbridge
Jan. 9 Maine-Fort Kent at McGill 3:00 PM

By Team:

Acadia Oct. 8 at Crandall U.; Oct. 9 at Mt.A; Oct. 15 Lakehead 7 PM; Oct. 16 Bishop's 7 PM; Oct 22 at McMaster; Oct. 23 at Guelph; Oct. 24 at Brock; Oct. 29 Guelph 7 PM; Oct. 30 Ottawa 7 PM; Christmas: Dalhousie tournament

Alberta: Oct 8-11 Golden Bear Invitational; Dec 29-31 Ryerson tournament

Bishop's Oct. 6 at Ottawa; Oct. 7 at Carleton; Oct. 8 at Queen's; Oct.16 at Acadia; Oct. 17 at Saint Mary's; Oct.22/23 Waterloo; Oct.29 at York; Oct.30 at Toronto; Oct.31 at Ryerson.

Brandon Oct. 15-17 Huskie Classic at Saskatchewan

Brock Oct 7 Manitoba 7:30 p.m.; Oct 9 UFV 3 p.m.; Oct 15-17 at UPEI Tournament; Oct. 23 RMC 5 PM; Oct 24 Acadia 3 p.m.

Calgary: Oct. 15-17 Huskie Classic at Saskatchewan

Cape Breton  Oct. 8 at Eric Garland UNB tournament; Oct. 15-16 Hawk Challenge at Laurier (vs. Laurier & McMaster); Oct. 17 at Guelph;

Ontario Tour
Thurs, Oct 14 CAPERS vs Guelph Phoenix 7:30pm @ Forrest Heights HS
Fri, Oct 15 CAPERS vs McMaster 6pm @ Laurier
Sat, Oct 16 CAPERS vs Laurier 8pm @ Laurier
Sun, Oct 17 CAPERS vs Guelph 1pm @ Guelph

Maine Trip
Fri, Oct 29 CAPERS vs Husson College 7pm Sat, Oct 30 CAPERS vs University of
Maine Black Bears Orono 3pm

Carleton:  Oct. 2 St. Lawrence-Kingston; Oct. 7 Bishop's; Oct 15-17 House Laughton tournament (Windsor, McGill, Victoria); Oct. 22-24 at Laval Tournament (UNB, ); Oct. 30 at Buffalo; Nov. 1 at Cincinnati.

Concordia Oct. 8-9 includes Ryerson, Winnipeg and NYIT; Oct. 14 at St. Lawrence-Kingston; Oct. 15-16 Laurier Tournament; Oct. 22-23 Laurentian tournament; Oct. 29 at Rhode Island; Oct. 31 at Vermont 1 PM; Dec. 31, Jan 1-2 Dalhousie tournament.

Dalhousie host Oct.14 Bishops; Oct.15 Lakehead; Oct. 21/23 at Laurentian tournament; host Oct. 29 Ottawa; Oct.30 Guelph. Christmas: Shoveller tournament: Dal, SMU, X and Acadia, Queens, RMC, Laval and Concordia

Fraser Valley Sept. 25 vs. UBC-O; Sept 30 KPU; Oct 2 UNBC; Oct 8 at Guelph; Oct 9 at Brock; Oct 10 at McMaster; Oct. 14 at CBC; Oct.16 Laurentian; Oct. 23 Portland Bible College

Guelph:  Oct. 1 scrimmage vs. Waterloo; Oct.8 Fraser Valley, Oct 9 Manitoba, Oct. 10 UBC; Oct. 15 Lake Erie College; Oct. 17 Cape Breton, Oct. 19 Humber; Oct. 22 Guelph Phoenix; Oct. 23 Acadia, at Stu Aberdeen Tournament Oct 28 vs X at SMU, 29th at Acadia, 30th at Dal; Christmas at UQAM (McGill, Concordia, Ottawa) Dec 28-30th

Lakehead Oct 1-2 Regina; Oct 8-10 UNB Tournament; Oct 14 at Dal; Oct 15 at Acadia; Oct 16 at Saint Mary's; Christmas at Wesmen Classic

Laurentian Oct. 14 at Trinity Western; Oct. 15 at UBC; Oct. 16 at Fraser Valley.  Oct 22-24 Laurentian Tournament (Concordia, Laurier, Dal)

Laurier Oct. 7 Fanshawe; Oct. 8 UBC; Oct. 15-16 Hawk Challenge; Oct. 21-23 at Laurentian touranment; Oct. 29 UQAM; Dec. 28-29 at Daemen College

Laval  Oct. 1 at Algonquin (Ottawa); Oct. 8 cegep Limoilou; Oct. 15-17 Naismith tourney at Waterloo; Oct 22-24 host Laval tournament; Oct 29 at Brigham Young (Provo, UT); Oct. 30th; at Utah State; Nov. 1 at Weber State (all NCAA Division 1); Christmas: at Dalhousie Tournament

Lethbridge Oct 9, at University of Great Falls; Oct 15-16, at University of Montana Western (Dillon); Dec 28-29, vs TBA in Montana State University Northern Tournament (Havre); Jan. 3, University of Great Falls (home)

Manitoba Oct. 7 @ Brock; Oct. 8 @ McMaster; Oct. 9 @ Guelph;
Oct. 15-16 CMU Tournament; Christmas: Wesmen Classic

McGill:  Oct 15th at Carleton House-Laughton; Oct 22nd Redbird Classic (Western, Queen's, UPEI), Oct 30 at Toronto, Oct 31 at York; Nov 1 at Rutgers, Nov. 2 at Robert Morris; Christmas at UQAM (Ottawa, Bishop's, UQAM, Guelph); Jan.9 Maine-Fort Kent

McMaster Oct. 8 Manitoba; Oct. 10 Fraser Valley; Oct.15 vs. Concordia, Oct. 16 vs. Cape Breton (both at Laurier); Oct. 17 Lake Erie College; Oct. 22 Acadia.

Memorial  Oct. 14 at Western; Oct 15-17 at Naismith Classic Waterloo

Ottawa: Oct. 6 Bishop's; Oct 22nd host Donohue Memorial (Tor, St.FX, UQAM); Oct 29th Stu Aberdeen Classic (at Acadia, at Dal, at SMU); Christmas at UQAM (McGill, Bishop's, UQAM)

Queen's Oct. 2 Laval 8 PM; Oct. 8 Bishop's 6 PM; Oct 14-16 Huskie Classic Saskatchewan; Oct 22-24 McGill Tournament; Christmas: Dalhousie tournament

RMC  Oct 8-10 at Alberta tournament; Oct. 23 at Brock; Christmas Dalhousie tournament in Halifax

Regina Oct 1-2 at Lakehead; Oct 6 Briercrest College; Oct 14 (Estevan, SK), Oct 15 (Regina) both vs. Toronto; Oct 21 at Montana State-Northern; Oct 22 at Great Falls Great Falls, MT; Jan. 1st at Williston State College

Ryerson  Sat, Oct 02 at Sheridan; Oct 9-10 NIKE Concordia tournament; Oct 15-17 Naismith Tournament Waterloo; Fri, Oct 29 at Humber 7 PM; Sat, Oct 30 Bishop's 8 PM.

St. FX  Oct 8-10 Eric Garland Tournament at UNB; Oct 22-24 Jack Donohue Memorial tournament at uOttawa; Oct. 28 vs. Guelph (at SMU); Oct. 29-30 host NIKE tournament (UNB, UPEI, Saint Mary's); Christmas-Dalhousie tournament.

Saint Mary's Oct. 16 Lakehead; Oct. 17 Bishop's; Oct. 22-24 at Laval Tournament (Carleton, UNB); Oct 28 Ottawa; Christmas at Dalhousie tournament

Saskatchewan  Sept 28 Lakeland College; Oct. 7-9 at Golden Bear Classic (Alberta); Oct. 14-16 Huskie Shootout (Brandon, Calgary, Queen's); Christmas at Wesmen Classic in Winnipeg

Thompson Rivers  Oct. 15 Langara College

Toronto: Oct 14-15th at Regina (exhibition), 22nd at Ott tournament (St.FX, UQAM), 29th home vs. McGill, Bishop's; Dec. 21-22 at Daeman College; Christmas: at Ryerson tournament

Trinity Western:  Oct. 14 Laurentian.  Dec. 18 at Warner-Pacific (NAIA); Dec. 19 at Concordia-Portland (NAIA)

UBC  Fri Oct 8 at Laurier; Sun Oct. 10 at Guelph; Oct. 15 Laurentian 8 PM; St. FX Tournament

UNB Oct 8-10 Eric Garland Tournament (St. FX, Lakehead, Cape Breton); Oct. 29-30 at St. FX tournament

UPEI Oct 15-17 Mickey Place UPEI Tournament; Oct 22-24 at McGill Tournament; Oct 29-30 at StFX Tournament

UQAM   17 sept. Cégep Ste-Foy; 18 sept. Cégep Limoilou; 24 sept. Cégep Lennoxville; 10 Oct NYIT; 20 Oct Worcester Polytecnic Institute (NCAA II) at UQAM; 22-24 Oct Ottawa Touirnament; 29 Oct at Laurier, 30 Oct at Windsor, 31 Oct at Western; 5 Nov at Assumption College (VT.); 7 Nov at American International (MA.); Christmas:  Host UQAM tournament

Victoria   Oct 15-17 House Laughton tournament Carleton; vs. Windsor (Fri), McGill (Sat.), Carleton (Sun.); Christmas So. Cal. Tour Dec. 28 Biola (La Mirada, CA), Dec. 29 San Diego Christian (El Cajon, CA), Dec. 30 Vanguard (Costa Mesa, CA)

Waterloo Oct 15-17 Naismith includes Ryerson, Laval, Memorial; Oct 22,23 at Bishop's; Oct 30 4:00pm Fanshawe College; Christmas at Ryerson

Western Oct 6 St. Clair College; Oct. 7 Guelph Phoenix (Club); Oct. 14 Memorial; Oct. 16 4PM Algoma; Oct. 22nd at McGill Tournament; Oct. 31 UQAM; Dec. 28 at Daemen College (N.Y.)

Windsor Oct 1 Algoma College; Oct 15-17 Carleton tourney; Oct. 22 at Northwestern Ohio (Lima, OH); Oct. 30th UQAM; Dec 28-29 Notre Dame Christmas Invitational South Euclid, OH (NAIA)

Winnipeg Oct 8-9 at Concordia Tournament; Oct 15-16 CMU Invitational; Fri Dec 17 Winnipeg at Jamestown College; Dec 28-30 Wesmen Classic

York Oct. 15-17 UPEI Tournament; Oct. 23 Phoenix (Men's); Oct. 29 Bishops; Oct. 31 McGill 2 PM

Previous Schedule:
17 sept. UQAM 90, Cégep Ste-Foy 77
24 sept. UQAM over Cégep Lennoxville
25 sept. UQAM over Collège Montmorency
25 Sept Fraser Valley 102, UBC-Okanogen 75
28 Sept Saskatchewan 93, Lakeland College 73

Weekend of October 1-2, 2010
Oct 1 Lakehead over Regina
Oct 1 Laval over Algonquin
Oct 2 Lakehead 88, Regina 64
Oct 2 Laval over Queen's
Oct 2 Carleton 79, St. Lawrence-Kingston 41
Oct 2 Fraser Valley 84, UNBC 79
University Hoops Showcase on the River @ Miramichi

Oct 1 CAPERS 99 vs Lee Academy 85
Oct 2 CAPERS 114 vs Crandall University 53
Oct 3 CAPERS 75 vs Holland College 78

Weekend of October 8-11, 2010

Alberta Golden Bear Invitational includes RMC, Saskatchewan, Grant MacEwan, Concordia College (ACAA); Fri: RMC at Alberta; Sat: Saskatchewan at Alberta; Grant MacEwan vs. RMC; Sun: RMC vs. Saskatchewan; Concordia College at Alberta.
Concordia NIKE Tournament 1st round New York Institute of Tech (NYIT) vs. Ryerson; Winnipeg at Concordia
UNB Eric Garland Memorial Tournament @ Aitken Centre Fredericton includes St. FX, Cape Breton and Lakehead; Fri, Oct 8 CAPERS vs St.FX 4pm; Lakehead at UNB; Sat, Oct 9 CAPERS vs Lakehead 4pm; St. FX at UNB; Sun, Oct 10 CAPERS vs UNB 3pm; Lakehead vs. St. FX.

Wed Oct 6 St. Clair College at Western
Wed Oct 6 Briercrest College at Regina
Wed Oct 6 Bishop's at Ottawa
Thurs Oct 7 Manitoba at Brock 7:30 PM
Thurs Oct 7 Fanshawe at Laurier
Thurs Oct 7 Bishop's at Carleton
Thurs Oct 7 Guelph Phoenix at Western
Fri Oct 8 Cégep Limoilou at Laval
Fri Oct 8 Manitoba at McMaster
Fri Oct 8 UBC at Laurier
Fri Oct 8 Bishop's at Queen's 6 PM
Fri Oct 8 Guelph Phoenix (Men's) at Toronto 7 PM
Fri Oct 8 Acadia at Crandall U. (Moncton)
Fri Oct 9 Fraser Valley at Guelph
Sat Oct 9 Acadia at Mt. Allison (Sackville) 7:00 PM
Sat Oct 9 Manitoba at Guelph
Sat Oct 9 Fraser Valley at Brock 3 p.m.
Sat Oct 9 Lethbridge at University of Great Falls
Sun Oct 10 Fraser Valley at McMaster
Sun Oct 10 UBC at Guelph
Sun Oct 10 NYIT at UQAM

weekend of October 15-17, 2010

Carleton House Laughton Tournament includes McGill, Windsor, Victoria; Fri: UVic vs. Windsor, McGill at Carleton; Sat: McGill vs. UVic, Windsor at Carleton; Sun: McGill vs. Windsor, UVic at Carleton
Laurier Hawk Challenge includes Concordia, Cape Breton, McMaster (two-day, four games: Fri: Mac/ConU; Laur/CBU. Sat: Mac/CBU; Laur/ConU. (Cape Breton also plays Sunday at Guelph)
UPEI Mickey Place Tournament includes UNB, York, Brock (format to follow)
Saskatchewan Huskie ClassicTournament includes Brandon, Queen's, Calgary
Waterloo Naismith Invitational includes Ryerson, Laval and Memorial
Winnipeg, Manitoba at CMU (Canadian Mennonite University) Invitational

Exhibition Games:
Thurs. Oct. 14 Concordia at St. Lawrence-Kingston
Thurs. Oct 14 Memorial at Western
Thurs. Oct. 14 Laurentian at Trinity Western 7 PM PT
Thurs. Oct. 14 Toronto vs. Regina at Estevan, SK
Thurs. Oct. 14 Lakehead at Dalhousie
Thurs Oct. 14 Canadian Bible College at Fraser Valley
Fri. Oct. 15 Laurentian at UBC 8 PM PT
Fri. Oct. 15 Toronto at Regina
Fri. Oct. 15 Guelph Phoenix (Club) at Western
Fri. Oct 15 Lakehead at Acadia 7:00 PM
Fri. Oct 15 Bishop's at Dalhousie
Fri. Oct 15 Langara College at Thompson Rivers
Fri. Oct 15 Lake Erie College at Guelph
Sat. Oct 16 Bishop's at Acadia 7:00 PM
Sat. Oct. 16 Lakehead at Saint Mary's 6 PM AT
Sat. Oct. 16 Algoma at Western 4 PM
Sat. Oct. 16 Laurentian at Fraser Valley 7 PM PT
Sun. Oct. 17 Bishop's at Saint Mary's 2 PM AT
Sun. Oct. 17 Lake Erie College (D2) at McMaster
Sun. Oct. 17 Cape Breton at Guelph
October 15-16 Lethbridge at University of Montana Western (Dillon)

weekend of October 22-24, 2010

Laurentian tournament includes Concordia, Laurier and Dalhousie
Laval Rouge et Or Classic includes Carleton, UNB and Saint Mary's
McGill Redbird Classic includes UPEI, Queen's, Western (3 game round-robin tournament Friday through Sunday)
Ottawa Jack Donohue Memorial Tournament includes Toronto, St. FX, UQAM
Tues. Oct 19 Humber at Guelph
Wed 20 Oct Worcester Polytecnic Institute (NCAA II) at UQAM
Thurs. Oct 21 Regina at Montana State-Northern
Fri. Oct 22 Regina at Great Falls Great Falls, MT
Fri. Oct 22 Windsor at North Ohio Lima, OH
Fri. Oct 22 Waterloo at Bishop's
Fri. Oct 22 Acadia at McMaster
Fri. Oct 22 Guelph Phoenix at Guelph
Sat. Oct 23 RMC at Brock
Sat. Oct 23 Waterloo at Bishop's
Sat. Oct 23 Guelph Phoenix at York
Sat. Oct 23 Acadia at Guelph
Sat. Oct 23 Portland Bible College at Fraser Valley
Sun. Oct 24 Acadia at Brock

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