Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wayne Thomas "Comprehensive" CW Final Four Preview

Birds Look to Buck Trend

The UBC T-Birds may be excused from thinking deja vu as they get set to host the Canada West Final 4 at the venerable War Memorial Gym. For the last 3 years, UBC has had the same home court advantage, and each year, they have seen another team lift the hardware and wave the banner.

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resinnin said...

The canwest is a walking of 3 first round of the playoffs as insurance incase the "favorite" teams loose game 1, then single elimination semi finals & finals. Should catch up with the times and have single elimination throughout the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Gotta believe UBC is under the gun to win it all this year.
They lost in the national final two years running.
A loss this year in the final would put them in the same category as the McMaster teams back in the 90's, when the Marauders lost four national title games....a great team that couldn't get it done.
The T-Birds will never have a better opportunity to win it.
They have skill, experience and depth like never before.
Trinity and Sask are major hurdles, for sure but the biggest obstacle appears to be Carleton.
The Ravens are every bit as skilled, deep and experienced as UBC.
The last time these two met two years ago, UBC came up they have what it takes to get over the hump this year?
We shall see.

Adam Connolly said...

I agree this is a huge year for UBC.. With all their trips to the Final 8 (and 10) over the past 10-12 years, its amazing that they haven't been able to win it all..