Thursday, 10 March 2011

All-Canadians and other National Awards announced

Here is the list with my comments below...


Mike Moser Memorial Trophy (player of the year): Tyson Hinz, Carleton

Defensive player of the year: Greg Stewart, Thompson Rivers

Dr. Peter Mullins Trophy (rookie of the year): Philip Scrubb, Carleton

Stuart W. Aberdeen Memorial Trophy (coach of the year), presented by Coaches of Canada: Dave Smart, Carleton

Ken Shields Award (student-athlete / community service): Jérôme Turcotte-Routhier, Laval

First Team All-Canadians
6'6" Tyson Hinz, Carleton 2nd Year, Ottawa, Ont. 
5'11" Jamelle Barrett, Saskatchewan 3rd Year, Rancho Cordova, Cal. 
6'6" Jacob Doerksen, Trinity Western 5th Year, Abbotsford, B.C. 
6'1" Joey Haywood, Saint Mary's 4th Year, Vancouver, B.C. 
6'2" Josh Whyte, UBC 5th Year, Calgary, Alta. 
Second Team All-Canadians
6'3" Isaac Kuon, Windsor 5th Year, Mississauga, Ont. 
6'1" Simon Farine, Dalhousie 5th Year, Toronto, Ont. 
6'2" Kyle Desmarais, Concordia 2nd Year, Montreal, Que. 
6'5" Kale Harrison, Laurier 4th Year, Stratford, Ont. 
6'4" Daniel Ferguson, Alberta 4th Year. Malton, Ont. 

All-Rookie Team
6'2" Philip Scrubb, Carleton, Richmond, B.C. 
6'5" Matt Letkeman, Calgary, Chilliwack, B.C. 
6'2" William McFee, UNB, Northbridge, Aust. 
6'6" Alexandre Bernard, UQAM, Gatineau, Que. 
6'1" Jahmal Jones Ryerson, Mississauga, Ont. 

Moser:  Certainly Barrett had tremendous numbers, one of the statistically-best seasons in CW history however the voters clearly rewarded Hinz who was the most effective player on the top team in the country through the regular season.  Voters in general appeared to reward players on teams that were successful:  six of the 10 All-Canadians came from teams that are participating in the Final 8.  Exposing my poor journalistic skills, a more complete analysis would have a comparison with other years but alas back soon to watching the markets tank (and my clients make money !)

Defensive Player:  No doubt Greg Stewart deserves this award even with the tremendous defensive players across the country including Greg Carter, Cole Hobin, Stephen Lopez and Phil Nkrumah.

Top Rookie and Top Coach:  Again rewards for great individual performances that equated to tremendous team success.  Smart did arguably his finest job ever given the pre-season expectations and the lack of a senior class.

All-Rookie Team:  It is a terrible travesty that Ottawa's 6'3" Johnny Berhanemeskel didn't make this team.  His season was monumentally better than at least two players named however it appears that for some reason each conference had to be represented.  This season, that custom has served Berhanemeskel and CIS basketball poorly. 

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