Saturday, 5 March 2011

Revised more Final 8 seeding speculation after Acadia's win

Now that Carleton, UBC, Saskatchewan, Lakehead, Concordia and Acadia are confirmed in, we await the Canada West third place game and Sunday night's committee meeting for the wild card and seedings announcement. 

After Acadia's upset, here are the seedings in my opinion:

#1 Carleton
#2 Canada West champion (UBC or Sask)
#3 X/Dal winner
#4 Canada West runner-up (Saskatchewan or UBC)
#5 Lakehead
#6 Trinity Western (if they win CW third place game)
#7 Concordia
#8 Acadia

setting up:
#1 Carleton vs. #8 Acadia
#2 CW winner  vs. #7 Concordia
#3 X/Dal winner vs. #6 Trinity Western
#4 CW runner-up vs. #5 Lakehead

Committee could also swap Lakehead into #3 slot and place X/Dal winner into #5 slot since Lakehead was ranked ahead of Dal and X in the final coaches poll.  If Trinity loses, then the debate rages over whether Spartans or Cape Breton should get the wild card - there is a comprehensive list of criteria that should properly address which team gets in.


Anonymous said...

I realize this was written before all games were done last night. But doesn't this seem to be easier than everyone's makign it out to be, based on the last top ten?

How about this.

1) UBC (CW champs beat No. 3 in final, were ranked No. 2)
2) Carleton (lost in OUA title game to No. 6, were No. 1)
3) Sask (lost at No. 2 in CW final, been third since December, have beat Lakehead this season)
4) Lakehead (upset No. 1, were previously No. 6)
5) wildcard (No. 4 TWU? No. 5 CBU?)
6) Dalhousie (if the win AUS, beat No. 7 X in semis, were No. 8)
7) Concordia (Q champ, were No. 9)
8) Acadia (were unranked, upset No. 5 CBU in semis)

Adam Connolly said...


Anonymous said...

These seedings look pretty good.
Your are correct in placing Concordia higher than Acadia, as the Stingers pounded the Axemen at a Christmas tourney.

However, I really don't think the AUS champs should get the No. 3 spot.

UBC is the best team in the country.

prizby said...

Mark...I don't believe Lakehead and Carleton can be on the same side of the bracket (unless the wild card goes to OUA)

prizby said...

with that being said, I think Carleton's 1 loss still trumps UBC's 2, but with the upsets coming in, and

Trinity Western

poor Cape Breton