Monday, 14 March 2011

Al Robinson Update

Some may recall that there was a delay during Friday's first round game between Dalhousie and Saskatchewan but few knew what specifically created the delay.  Veteran OUA West official Al Robinson, working another Nationals, unfortunately had to leave the game as he was experiencing tightness in his chest.  (Delay was to allow the back up referee to take over for Robinson).

Apparently Robinson did not feel 100% prior to the game but chose to try to gut it out but could not finish due to the chest pains.  Robinson checked into the hospital and tests later revealed that he had suffered a coronary.  Fortunately, doctors were able to detect the issues and Robinson should be released from the hospital later this week after a stint is inserted.  Best wishes to Al as he recovers from a situation that is very familiar to some.


Anonymous said...

Very disturbing to hear about Al Robinson's illness.
I hope he makes a full recovery.
Now, I don't want to appear insensitive to Mr. Robinson's plight but shouldn't a back up 4th official be dressed and ready to go at every game at nationals in case of just such a situation?
I can understand a delay but it seemed like an inordinate amount of time went by before the game resumed.

John Metcalfe said...

Word is that Al will flying back to Hamilton of Friday the 18th and he should be all right.

John Metcalfe said...

Al is flying back from Halifax on Friday the 18th and word is he should be all right.