Tuesday, 29 March 2011

CIS makes public statement urging UBC to stay

The best case scenario in my opinion is that the reasons for UBC's initiative to investigate becoming part of NCAA DII are heard and listened to by the CIS such that ultimately this strong, flagship University remains in Canada with the CIS.  The CIS published this public statement on the matter recently:

CIS statement regarding UBC


critic said...

...Or the worst case scenario is that UBC and the CIS remain at loggerheads on critical issues and the school will ultimately leave for the NCAA out of pure frustration than anything else.
I hope that is not the case, obviously.
I truly believe UBC wants some real movement from the CIS on key matters that have been troubling the university's admin for a long time.
I don't for a moment think UBC's situation is anything like that of Simon Fraser, a school that from its inception had this bizarre dream of competing as the sole Canadian entry in US college sports, a dream it resumed after a forced decade long hiatus this past year.
No, UBC is clearly not satisfied with the status quo....but leaving I think will only come as a last resort.
But if push comes to shove do not for a moment think UBC would not pull out if it came to a final impasse.

Anonymous said...

Typical of the CIS to close the barn door
after all the horses run free....UBC is as good as gone, it's only a question of when.