Saturday, 5 March 2011

Back soon

In Hamilton last night for a pair of tremendous games at Mac. Computer limitations means no detailed reports until later today. For now 1st round of nationals likely looks like this. Carleton vs concordia. Ubc vs lakehead. Saskatchewan vs aus2. Aus1 vs trinity. Just my guess. Ubc saskatchewan could swap opponents if huskies win CW tonight and acadia win tonight would change things considerably also. Stay tuned.
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Anonymous said...

No doubt there were at least a couple of teams in the CIS that must have had their hearts in their throats watching Carleton struggle to get past Laurier last night.
For three quarters, the possibility of an upset was quite real as the Ravens trailed at one point in the 3rd 61-50.
Fortunately for Carleton...and TWU...the Ravens clamped down on the Hawks and pulled out a seven point win.
Good thing, because the Spartans squandered their chance of qualifying automatically for nationals by letting a 10 point lead slip away in the final two minutes, wasting a 30 point performance by Doerksen.
TWU will be safe if they beat Alberta tonight and Cape Breton beats Acadia like they should.

Anonymous said...

Are you assuming that Lakehead will move down in the rankings if they lose to #1 and undefeated Carlton, while the AUS wildcard would jump over them to #6?

Anonymous said...

Don't take it for granted that Trinity Western will win tonight and advance...and this is coming from a CanWest fan. Their collapse last night was horrible. Sask. did everything to try and give them the game over the first 36 minutes, and TWU still lost.