Thursday, 10 March 2011

Articles from across the country

Darren Zary of the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix continues his excellent coverage of this season's nationals at which the hometown Saskatchewan Huskies look to win their second consecutive title; this morning's piece is on interim Head Coach Barry Rawlyk who feels no pressure

Monty Mosher's piece in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald on Dal's Juleous Grant  Time is right for Grant

Although not specifically basketball related, Chris Cochrane of the Halifax Chronicle-Herald has some thoughts on some of the CIS playoff systems currently in place

Gary Kingston of the Vancouver Sun  T-Birds rely on Big Game know-how

Matthew Wuest of Metro-Halifax on the accomplished Dal coaching staff  Tigers housing group of top hoop minds

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Anonymous said...

The naiveté of Mr. Cochrane's article is quite shocking for someone who is in a profession often defined by cynicism.

Of course a lot of teams make the junior playoffs. It's not just the revenue from the playoff games themselves, it's the revenue from far more teams being in the playoff races until the end.

Of course the CIS tournaments include host teams and wild cards. CIS sports as a whole are still a niche market and even the Final 8 in Halifax does better when their are two Nova Scotian teams involved. Wild cards make sense when there isn't balance between the various leagues in most sports.

Someone needs to give Mr. Cochrane a reality check.