Thursday, 3 March 2011

OUA Post-Season Honours

To complete look at the top players in each conference, we present the OUA East and West today.  The most exciting team was the OUA East All-Freshman team which in any other year could have had each of the top 4 choices as winners.  Carleton's Phil Scrubb, who was a 28+ minute per game player and a key decision maker offensively, was my choice but as mentioned in any other season Ottawa's Johnny Berhanemeskel, who broke several rookie three-point shooting records and Ryerson's slick Jahmal Jones, who forms the foundation of the Rams future at point guard could also have easily won this award in any other year.  6'3" Jordan Gauthier did not have the high-end season that the other 3 in the East had yet is talented enough and had several big games that in any other season would put him in the running.  All in all, the future of the OUA East at the top looks promising - it will be required to alleviate the poor overall record the East had vs. OUA West this season. 

OUA East
First Team All-Stars
Tyson Hinz, Carleton (Player-of-the-Year) - best overall player on the #1 undefeated team
Warren Ward, Ottawa - injury-plagued first half but several big second games in Gee-Gees resurgence
Phil Scrubb, Carleton  - became primary decision maker for #1 team as a freshman
Johnny Berhanemeskel, Ottawa - one of the better offensive production seasons by a freshman ever
Andrew Wasik, Toronto - toughest, overachieving player on arguably Canada's most overachieving team

Second Team All-Stars
Jahmal Jones, Ryerson - any other year he is league's top rookie and 1st teamer as a freshman
Dejan Kravic, York - double/double machine who scores, rebounds and blocks shots, Lions wilted without him
David Tyndale, York - very good numbers and di
Drazen Glizic, Toronto - underrated glue guy; Blues struggled during his absence when injured
Cole Hobin, Carleton - changed games with his defense, locking down virtually any opponent he guarded
All-Rookie Team
Phil Scrubb, Carleton (Rookie-of-the-Year)
Johnny Berhanemeskel, Ottawa
Jahmal Jones, Ryerson
Jordan Gauthier, Ryerson
Shavaan Sheldon, Laurentian

OUA West
First Team All-Stars
Isaac Kuon, Windsor (Player-of-the-Year) - fine sometimes dominating fifth season at both ends of the floor
Kale Harrison, Laurier - shook off last season to become one of league's top offensive threats
Andrew Wedemire, Western - another top-of-the-league performance
Jamie Searle, Lakehead - leader and best scorer on division's #1 team
Maxwell Allin, Laurier - emerged as a future AC candidate as a point forward

Second Team All-Stars
Lien Phillip, Windsor - athletic, above-the-rim talent inside for Lancers
Venzal Russell, Lakehead - another strong element in a deep, versatile Thunderwolves lineup
Kenan Etale, McMaster - became Mac's best overall player down the stretch, scoring and defending
Mike Petrella, Guelph - probably surprising however was glue through tough times on an unlikely playoff team (with all due respect to Dan McCarthy who also had a tremendous season)
Cam Michaud, McMaster - very good, sound forward

All-Rookie Team
Patrick Donnelly, Laurier (Rookie-of-the-Year)
Peter Scholtes, Western
Jamar Forde, Laurier
Taylor Black, McMaster
Cedric Kasango, Brock

Defensive Player-of-the-Year
Cole Hobin, Carleton (OUA East)
Greg Carter, Lakehead (OUA West)

Quick note to let you know that all 3 games of the OUA Final Four will be webcast on The Score right off their home page



Anonymous said...

Mike Hull definetely deserves a nod. I'd put him in over Drazen Glisic; he had better numbers and was more important to Laurentian than Glisic was to UofT...that LU losing streak that took a dramatic turn started when Hull was injured. LU outrebounded their opponents in 10 or 11 games this year...I can't remember the last time (before this year) when they outrebounded their opponent (not named RMC)

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of players more deserving than Tyndale. He takes way too many shots, his shot selection is terrible, he plays no "D". Most of his points come at garbage time.

Anonymous said...

I believe its Cam McIntyre and not Cam Michaud for second team honors...check into that...almost certain it is

Anonymous said...

Tyndale isn't a sceond team all-star, check the OUA site.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with the last post...Tyndale?
You're kidding, right?
Tyndale is a turnover machine and against Carleton in both games was exposed.
Elliot Thompson, who was on the actual 2nd team is a better choice, with his solid D, good rebounding and occasionally red hot shooting.
Even when he's not scoring he is always solid without the ball...can't say the same for Tyndale.
Willy Manigat, who doesn't even start for Carleton, blows Tyndale out of the water.
If you had a 6th man award, Manigat is the easy choice for that.