Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Windsor Star previews tonight's Lancers/Marauders affair in Hamilton

Mary Caton provides a game preview   Follow the game on McMaster Live! Stats  or listen live! on Mac radio

St. Catharines Standard on Brock Badgers latest game and tonight's home game against Western


Anonymous said...

Wow..what a game..A steal and dunk by Scott Brittain at the buzzer to win it for the Marauders. A close game the entire night, both teams played very well.

Anonymous said...

The game was close and had an exciting finish for the home side but really, could you honestly say it was "well played"?
The game was a foul fest with close to 50...count em...FIFTY fouls. I hate games like that because there is little flow to them.
Personally, I thought the refs could have let some of the stuff they called go.
Also, the game had almost fifty turnovers so from a technical viewpoint, it was hardly a thing of beauty.
What made the game good was the fact the lead changed hands several times and the outcome was in doubt right to the end.
But I am sure coaches Oliver and Connolly will have a tough time enjoying what they see when they break down the video of the game.
In terms of pure basketball fundamentals, the game was a horror show.