Monday, 17 January 2011

Canada West Report from Wayne Thomas

Another comprehensive report on Canada West from Wayne Thomas, initially focusing on Calgary Dinos but also detailing playoff possibilities and updates for many other teams.

Mission Impossible For Dinos

The Canada West standings still reflect the dominance of 3 teams, with Alberta faltering with a split at Fraser Valley on the weekend. UBC dispensed with the Calgary Dinos, who played like cornered beasts in pushing the T-Birds in both games, especially on Saturday. By virtue of owning the tie-breaker by clobbering Trinity Western (91-69 and 90-77) in their series back in late October, UBC claims the top rung, while the Spartans, who are spotless since that mugging, sit 2nd.

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Anonymous said...

The disparity between Regina's home record in comparison to the Cougar's road record is other CIS team comes close.
At home, Regina has racked up a pile of wins over mostly mediocre to poor teams like Brandon, Lethbridge, Calgary and TRU, although Thompson Rivers managed an improbable split.
The only "quality" home win was a preseason victory over Toronto and that followed a 21 point lambasting by the Blues the previous night in Estevan.
On the road, the Cougars have but one win, a surprising 8 point win in Edmonton over Alberta.
Surprising, because the Bears mauled them by 27 points the previous night.
On successive visits to the coast, Regina got destroyed by TWU and the following week were crushed by Victoria.
And in the preseason were easily handled twice by Lakehead on their trip to Thunder Bay.
So Regina, 9-9 overall, is 8-1 at home and 1-8 on the road (well, technically 1-7...the game in Estevan is considered 'neutral').
Of course, Canada West fans have seen this from Regina beaters at home, a bunch of wusses on the road.