Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Canada West Weekend Preview from Wayne Thomas

A Weekend of sweeps in Canada West ???

The slate of games leads us to predict sweeps in most, if not all, of the 6 series on tap this coming weekend in Canada West. There are no major match-ups to get jacked about ... no clash of top teams, but, rather, we have some pretty clear favourites, who will have to get ambushed by some inspired play by the underdog, if there is to be an upset.

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Anonymous said...

Winnipeg will split with Regina, even though the Wesmen rank 13th and last in the conference.
That's because Regina sucks on the road.
And, truth be told, they're no great shakes at home, either, despite their 7-1 record in their own barn.
They are good at home because so far they have played the 9th to 12th ranked teams in CW in their gym.
Think they'd be 7-1 if they had played UBC, TWU, Sask or even Victoria at home?
And their home winning streak was broken off by TRU, for crying out loud.
The Cougars have got to be the worst 8-6 team in the country.
Everbody in Western Canada knows how fraudulent they are and they will be exposed in the coming weeks.