Friday, 14 March 2008

This morning's coverage from around the country

Wayne Kondro's piece on the CIS All-Canadians announced last night Most CIS award winners on the sidelines Wayne also highlights eight players in the tournament identified as the underlying keys to their respective teams chances of victory Eight keys to victory

The Ottawa Sun has a full lineup of coverage this morning including giving the tournament front-page coverage. As well, Chris Stevenson's article Perfection just a few steps away and a couple of pieces from Neate Sager including a Ryan Bell-focused article Too Nice for own good and a story providing some background on Aaron Doornekamp Big Man on Campus

The Globe and Mail led by Michael Grange has a full array of coverage including a piece on the revitalization of Carleton University led by their basketball program in Last Chance to First Choice and a tournament preview

Chad Lucas of the Halifax Chronicle-Herald previews the tournament as part of his piece on Glue Guys carry AUS hopes at CIS Final 8

Jason Hills of the Edmonton Sun with the Alberta Golden Bears perspective including an interesting quote from Bears Head Coach Don Horwood speculating about Carleton and how they would do if they played in the CW Central Division. Bears ok being underdog plus Chris O'Leary with a view in the Edmonton Journal Bears relish underdog label

Jim Wallace from the St. Catharines Standard has a couple of items in this morning's edition including Rootes hopes to go out on top and Governor Simcoe grad Ferguson paying his dues with Badgers

UBC perspective from the Ubyssey, UBC's campus newspaper From Ottawa, with love

Video clip on Andrew Spagrud's selection as CIS All-Canadian plus an article from Spagrud 1st team All-Canadian putting him in a special class of only 7 other stars who were four-time All-Canadians:

4 time All-Canadian selections:
Mickey Fox (Saint Mary’s ) – 72-73 (2nd), 73-74, 74-75, 78-79
David Coulthard (York) – 78-79, 79-80, 80-81, 81-82
Karl Tilleman (Calgary) – 80-81, 81-82, 82-83, 83-84
John Carson (Brandon) – 82-83, 83-84, 84-85, 85-86, 86-87 (only five-time All-Cdn)
Byron Tokarchuk (Sask) – 84-85, 85-86, 86-87, 87-88
J.D. Jackson (UBC) – 87-88 (2nd), 89-90, 90-91, 91-92
Titus Channer (McMaster) – 94-95 (2nd), 95-96 (2nd), 96-97, 97-98
Andrew Spagrud (Sask) – 04-05, 05-06 (2nd), 06-07, 07-08


Anonymous said...

I believe that you are forgetting Tim Mau of the Guelph Gryphons who was an All-Canadian 4 years in a row and honourable mention his first year while being named rookie of the year in Canada.

Anonymous said...

"I can tell you right now if Carleton were to play in our league and they were to play Calgary four times and Saskatchewan four times and us four times, they would not be undefeated."

Yet another non-OUA basketball figure who needs to learn that Carleton is not only the best team in the country but they do it while playing in the top league in the country.

I can tell you right now that if Alberta were to play in the OUA, they wouldn't be playing this weekend. They would have finished behind Carleton, Toronto, and Ottawa in the OUA east and probably have made it no further than the semi-finals in the OUA West.

It's a few minutes after the Carleton-Alberta game and I can officially say: Buh-bye, Coach Horwood. Better luck next year, assuming you can luck into the CIS final 8 once again on the strength of a wild-card berth and a single upset victory.