Saturday, 1 March 2008

Alberta upset win bouyed by Morrison

In the aftermath and accounts of last night's Alberta upset win over Brandon in the Canada West semi-final, deserving accolades went out to the Bears CW POY 6'2" Alex Steele, who again led his team in scoring and without a doubt was a key reason why the Bears were able to come back and win. However, lost in many of the reports on last night's game was a tremendous performance down the stretch by Alberta point guard 6'1" C.G. Morrison, who clearly has found his offensive confidence after missing a long stretch of the season with an injury. Morrison was arguably the reason the Bears came back last night, scoring 10 4th quarter points including a pair of threes and a pair of big free throws. In the biggest game of his career, Morrison was able to step up down the stretch when it counted and helped get his team to the Nationals in Ottawa. Tonight's Alberta vs. UBC game is an important one primarily for the Bears with respect to rankings. Alberta has already defeated UBC 75-70 in early February in Vancouver and a second win on a neutral court would almost guarantee that the Bears have a higher seed than UBC at the Nationals.

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