Monday, 17 March 2008

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The Ottawa Sun has full coverage of yesterday's Brock victory including Neate Sager's Destiny for the Badgers and Chris Stevenson's Dream over for Lual and Stevenson's piece Ravens tumble with grace

A full slate of coverage by Jim Wallace in this morning's St. Catharines Standard on yesterday's win by the Badgers Brock claims National crown with gritty effort also a piece on tournament MVP Owen White White ramps up his game on the big stage and Garlic Brock's secret weapon also Plan pays off for Badger veterans and finally Badgers Championship quotebook

Wayne Kondro reports on the aftermath of Carleton's semi-final loss a day later in Ravens misfired when it mattered

Chris Cochrane of the Halifax Chronicle-Herald with Cinderella story took ugly turn also Axemen run out of gas

Marc Weber of the Vancouver Province on yesterday's Laval win over UBC in the consolation final Dyck can't quite do it all

Greg Layson from Big Man on Campus recalls a conversation with Ken Murray from earlier in the year


stilrunnin said...

Cme down from sudbury for cis final basketball tournament at Scotia Place. Great games, but a real pain having to drive back and forth from the Tournament hotel, the Marriot on Kent. Everthing is exorbitantly overpriced at Scotia Place. At 62 years of age , I thought it laughable that Every time in entered the building they frisked me for contraband FOOD. I guess they thought I might start a food fight. It would be much better to hold it closer to the centre of the city so we could enjoy more of the beautful city and its' amenities.

Unoffical can-am baseball league said...

If they were able to move it.They risj lossing a huge number of people who were there.Next year stay at what of many hotels in kanata.

Anonymous said...

While the record book will say Brock won the W P McGee trophy in 2008, there is no question the two best teams in the tournament were Carleton and Acadia.
If this tournament was seeded properly, Carleton and Acadia should have met in the final.
But because of stupid rules governing the seeding procedure, the seeds were completely screwed up.
This is how the tournament SHOULD have been seeded:

St. Mary's

Yes, two OUA teams meet in the first round...well, so what?
Western deserved only the # 8 seed because they had by far the poorest record of the eight teams in the field.
Brock should be next at #7 as non league winner.
Alberta was the number #2 team from the west and rates a # 6 seed.
St. Mary's as AUS champ rates #5,
Laval as QSSF champ is a #4.
UBC at #3 over Laval and SMU.
Acadia deserved #2 even though they lost AUS final, because they had second best overall record coming into the tournament and was in top five longer than any team here except Carleton.
I would have liked to have seen Brock play Acadia in the opening round and see how the Badgers would have handled a FRESH Acadia team.
Athletically, there is no comparison between the two.
Acadia showed flashes in the championship game when they blitzed Brock 24-7 in the second quarter.
But by the middle of the second half it was pretty evident the Axemen were running on fumes and were playing the game at Brock's preferred pace...slow.
It's a damn shame that a team with a lucky draw benefits by the fact their opponent did all the heavy lifting (eliminating Carleton) and because of that, sneaks off with the big prize.
Seed this tournament right, and that would not have happened.

Anonymous said...

lets get serious and stop making excuses....brock had to play 3 games in 3 days so what if acadia had a tough one the night before? they had the lead early and could not put away an experienced badgers not even a brock fan and i dont think that they are anywhere close to the best team in the country but they won the tournament that determines that so all the credit should be given to them....lookin at rankings and seeds in hindsight dont mean anything....acadia had one non conference good win all year and you want to seed them second? thats ridiculous in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Yes Brock played 3 games in three days, but they didn't play a double OT game that ended at 11 PM.
And they didn't play Carleton.
Brock played their semi against Western.
Given a choice among those three who would you pick as your opponent?
The reason Acadia lost that lead was obvious...they were smoked from the previous night's game.
Brock's semi against Western took nothing out of them.
Maybe Acadia didn't deserve the #2 seed over UBC but they sure as hell didn't deserve #5.
Acadia and SMU should have gotten each others seed.
The three teams ranked in the top 3 in the poll the longest that were in this tournament were Carleton, UBC and Acadia and that should have been reflected in the seedings.
Saturday night's semi between Carleton and Acadia should have been for the championship but what fans wound up with is an anti-climatic final.