Sunday, 16 March 2008

Links from Nationals

Wayne Kondro's article which is posted up on the National Post web site Brock wins CIS basketball championship Wayne also has a very good piece summarizing the views of how the event came off They've put on a very good show plus the Citizen's array of photos in the Basketball Gallery plus the Ottawa Sun photo gallery

Michael Grange with a story that is at the top of Globe's Sports page on the net Brock writes Cinderella story

Austin Kent of Hoops Addict with Graduating Badgers retire on top. The Welland Tribune pays tribute to a couple of native sons in Rose City rooting interest

Chad Lucas has a couple of posts on the Nationals including How many people really were there ? and Acadia/Brock game notes

Game story by John Bower from the CIS web site

Brock edges Acadia for CIS title from

John Decoste from Axemen title hopes fall short in loss to Brock

Northumberland Today, a Port Hope area newspaper, has the story on native son Owen White and his MVP performance at the CIS Nationals

Andrew Buchholtz from Queen's University has a pair of very comprehensive write-ups on this afternoon's Brock victory over Acadia and last nights' Upset of the Century


Anonymous said...

I officially nominate all of the folks down East who have been at their passive-agressive best the past few weeks as the whiners of the year. Regardless of how you count the numbers, more people bought tickets to this year's CIS Championship than ever before. To the people down in Halifax, including Mr. Lucas: Get over it.

You can rationalize it all you want: bigger rink; bigger population; etc., etc., blah, blah, whine, whine. How about the fact that there was only one team from the area, instead of the usual two a short drive from Halifax? How about the fact that, unlike Halifax, this isn't anywhere close to the biggest event in town and so the organizers had to work a lot harder to get the attention of the market....yet it out-sold Halifax the very first time it was held here? That brings me to a final point: This event has yet to develop a tradition in Ottawa. Halifax had 24 years to do so. How many people came out in the early 80s when it first came to town?

I have been to the event in Halifax and enjoyed it very much. They were always good hosts but if many of the same cheerleaders for the event down East are going to do their best to take pot-shots at Ottawa for the next three years then I think it's only fair to point out that it took Ottawa exactly one try to out-sell any of the 24 years in Halifax.

The only thing more pathetic than attacking the event in Ottawa is trying to do it in such a round about way that allows the critics to claim that they weren't really criticizing (and thus avoiding the need to defend their views.)

How sad. Either give the organizers their due or slink bank to the Metro Centre and await next year's AUS finals where you can all pat each other on the back over how much better it was in Halifax.

Jayme said...

I know people down east don't want to hear this.2008 was a success i know some were hopeing it was going to be a bust but it was not.For a first year they did a good job.8,000 To see acadia vs brock is a solid number.

canadel62 said...

Sorry Anon, double counting tickets and with the corporate pre-sold no shows the attendance was not significantly better than an AUS/anyone else final. Ive been to both venues quite a few times for Basketball. Paying 235 dollars for the priviledge of sitting on the cold cold concrete steps( at least inside the Bldg. however), between games/sessions and walking from a very dirty over-priced parking lot were my only major peeves. I was surprised to not see any official Carleton presense at the final day no players, coaches or other hangers-on except for the mostly die-hard fans Ive observed over the 20+ yrs Ive been watching Carleton basketball. I personally sat near the Laval Coach in Hfx when Laval didn't make the tournament he's a really nice guy. I like the seats I got not the ones available to me as a Carleton season ticket holder,I guess that irked me a bit too. Overall an exciting well planned for participant event. An expensive event for the modestly incomed fan but worthy as a splash/flash event for the flame or the kids,now when can i get my next yrs seats a little better than this time and not via any Carleton interface its broken for you and I unless you work/are affiliated tightly with the school or I don't know how to get the really good seats. Oh my next yr I guess...

Anonymous said...

canadel62, even if you count the tickets the same way as Halifax, Ottawa still sold more tickets (40,074) than any year in Halifax. The numbers are right there in the blog to see.

Halifax can bitch and moan all it wants that Carleton was somehow showing them up. They are only confirming the view of many that the organizers down there are poor losers.

canadel62 said...

Sorry again Anon the corporate pre-sold no shows were obvious to me boxes were empty, but I know they had to pay for seats, if the numbers quoted were tickets scanned then I may be wrong but measuring the size of the arena and area of seating vs capacity for both venues if the combined sales in Ottawa of 26177,largest crowd each day, it was less than STfx final 2001 weekend of 38,895 however this included a Thursday night game too assuming a 3rd day in Ottawa too the total would be ~33K. I like the facts not opinions and im really over it too.??Good seats for Next yr??

Jayme said...

I was shocked at how many boxs were beeing used.I know on tv it was hard to see.But the second level box a good number of them were in use.