Sunday, 2 March 2008

Articles from last night

Rita Mingo from the Calgary Herald UBC wins the West Howard Tsumura's articles in the Vancouver Province on last night's championship game Rebounding battle gets the win and an article on Friday night's win Rebounding wins opener Rita Mingo also has a piece on last night's Bronze medal game won by Brandon Dinos couldn't be sinking feeling David Larkins provides his perspective on the Canada West Final Four semi-finals from Friday night Un-championship calibre

Morris Dalla Costa from the London Free Press on the Western Mustangs victory over Brock in the OUA West championship game It's been a long road

Wayne Kondro's piece on the Carleton's victory over Ottawa in the OUA East championship game Ravens continue reign over rivals Unfortunately, the other newspaper in Ottawa did not find this event newsworthy enough to send a reporter and provide a more detailed report than the 63 word paragraph recap that could easily have been gleamed from a two minute telephone conversation in this morning's edition. With the CIS National championships only 2 weeks away and only 1 of the 2 major newspapers in town showing CIS basketball any love, I'm beginning to get concerned... I hope I am wrong and the Capital Region media (beyond Wayne Kondro, a one-man band at the Ottawa Citizen supporting CIS basketball, and Neate Sager on the CIS blog) begin to support this event. But thus far getting any pre-game/pre-tournament coverage on any media has been thin to non-existant.

Neate Sager provides some initial thoughts on the possible brackets at the Nationals on the CIS Blog


Ben said...

How about a little love for the student media in Ottawa? We do reach campuses of 30,000 and follow the CIS teams around like lonely dogs.

The Fulcrum, La Rotonde, and the Charlatan were all in attendance, and you will not find more passionate Ravens/Gee-Gees basketball coverage.

...despite not getting half the respect or recognition of a Ottawa Sun, for example, the perpetrator of the 60-word article.

Anonymous said...

I agree whole-heartedly with your opinion on print media coverage in Ottawa, wass...
Outside of Wayne Kondro and the student papers, it is PATHETIC!
Thank god we have Wayne Kondro.
If he wasn't working for the Citizen I wouldn't feel good about that paper's commitment to CIS basketball coverage.
And the Sun?
Their idea of sports coverage is six pages of whining and fretting over the Sens and half a paragraph combined for everything else.
All in all, a sad 4th estate of affairs.