Thursday, 13 March 2008

Ticket sales eclipse 74,000 mark; Katz, Harrison to garner CIS awards

As was reported earlier, Carleton's Aaron Doornekamp will be named Mike Moser winner as CIS MVP at this evening's tournament banquet. As well, University of Toronto Varsity Blues Head Coach Mike Katz will accept the Stu Aberdeen Award as CIS Coach-of-the-Year and 6'5" Kale Harrison will garner the CIS Rookie-of-the-Year award. No word yet on Defensive Player-of-the-Year and Ken Shield Community Award winner.

Neate Sager of Sun Media provides his capsule of Aaron Doornekamp who will be named Mike Moser Memorial Award winner as CIS MVP at the All-Canadian banquet this evening Doornekamp simply the best Neate also has an interesting analytical piece on the tournament on the CIS Blog

Scotiabank Place just issued a press release indicating that ticket sales for the event have gone north of the 74,000 mark, a tremendous acoomplishment already given that historically the Ottawa market has been a last-minute, walk-up type of audience. Tickets have been made available for five, two-game sessions, which begin tomorrow morning at 11:30 AM. More than 74,000 ticket sold for CIS Nationals also a little late but there are a number of supporting basketball events in the Ottawa area as this press release summarizes Event press release

A series of articles from the Charlatan, Carleton's campus newspaper:

Let the madness begin, Ottawa style

A brief history of Scotiabank Place

Parents take roost at Raven's Nest

Ontario champs at last

Finally, the Acadia student newspaper has a contingent in Ottawa reporting on the Axemen and the tournament in general and are keeping what is developing into an excellent journal of Acadia and related material with at least 5 posts already logged including a couple of video interviews with Ach Lual and Andrew Kraus. Axemen at the final (200)8

Excitement is mounting so if you're anywhere near Ottawa and can get here, I would recommend doing so !


Anonymous said...

I am a little confused by what seems to be conflicting information regarding advance ticket sales.
Carleton's press rep Dave Kent reported 34,000 tickets sold. Averaged over the 5 sessions that works out to be 6,800 per session on average.
The other figure being reported as 74,000 works out to 14,800 per session.
That figure seems a bit incredible to me.
Are you sure this isn't a typo?
Otherwise, that would blow the doors off all previous attendance records.

Anonymous said...

Each ticket represents two games.

So have they sold 74,000 tickets to the doubleheaders or have they sold 37,000 tickets and are doubling that number to reflect the number of games taking place?

Soccer Canada pulled that trick with the under-20 World Cup to make their numbers seem much more impressive than they really were.