Monday, 3 March 2008

Monday Morning Articles

John DeCoste of with an article on the AUS tournament which will celebrate the game at all levels

Chad Lucas presents his Final 8 update and wild card thoughts on Posting Up blog.

Randy Phillips of the Montreal Gazette has a piece summarizing the Quebec league semi-final Laval to host Concordia for Quebec championship

John Vessoyan of the Welland Tribune on Brock's loss to Western Poor shooting dooms Brock in semi-final loss plus Jim Wallace's article Badgers fighting for berth

James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail does his weekly piece on Calgary's dream season ends with a nightmare

The Vancouver Sun recaps UBC's title in the Canada West Final Four

The Scrum provides their always-strong coverage in Another weekend post-mortem


Anonymous said...

I agree completely with Chad Lucas' assessment of the wildcard picture.
Really, there are only two teams in the running: Acadia and Brandon.
If Acadia wins the AUS like they should, Brandon is in.
But if Acadia loses the AUS final, especially to a team like St. FX (15-5) then I believe those two Atlantic teams will go.
A loss in the AUS semis however, would spell the end of Acadia and only one AUS team will go to Kanata.
So for Brandon, two scenarios are favourable.

Anonymous said...

A point of fact: The city of Kanata does not exist. Ottawa and the suburbs amalgamated in 2000 so, despite Hockey Night in Canada constantly displaying their ignorance of any geography outside of the GTA, Scotiabank Place is in Ottawa.