Friday, 14 March 2008

Quarter Final #4 - Carleton 66 Alberta 57 FINAL

It will be Carleton vs. Acadia in Saturday's second Semi-Final, by virtue of the Ravens' 66-57 victory over Alberta ... The Ravens look to be well on their way to the win, up 61-54, with 2 minutes on the clock ... 5:00 minutes remain, and the Ravens lead 61-52 ... After 3 quarters, it's Carleton 55 Alberta 45; Doornekamp continues to lead all scorers, with 17 points; Stu Turnbull has 11 for the Ravens, while Neb Aleksic has come off the bench to pace the Bears with 15 points ... It continues to be a game of runs, as the Ravens have built up a 54-43 advantage ... Just as quickly, Alberta answers back, tallying 7 straight points, making it 49-43 ... Carleton has scored 9 straight points, and suddenly, it's 49-36 ... Mike Kenny hits a huge "3", to give the Ravens some breathing room, 43-36 ... We have 5:00 to play in the third quarter, and Alberta is making it interesting, cutting the deficit to only 4 points, 40-36 ... Early in the third quarter, the Golden Bears are looking to make a run; they trail 38-30, with 6:44 left in the quarter ... Looking at the first half statistics, CIS Player of the Year, Aaron Doornekamp, leads all scorers with 15 points; Alberta struggled from the field, shooting only 31%; combine that with a 16-9 deficit in the rebound numbers, and it's easy to see why the defending champs are ahead ... At the half, the Ravens lead 35-23 ... The Carleton run has hit 9 straight points, as they hold a 27-16 advantage, with 4:47 to play in the first half ... After an Alberta 3-ball brought them to within 2 points, Mike Kenny knocked down a shot of his own from beyond the arc, restoring a 5 point margin, 21-16 ... After 10 minutes, the Bears close the quarter with a small run, but the top seed leads 18-11 ... The Ravens are in complete control in the early going, leading 16-5, late in the first quarter ... We're more than 3 minutes into the game, and Alberta finally gets on the board, trailing 6-2 ... Here we go, we're underway! ... Dale Stevens back at the controls, as Mark continues his excellent commentary on the SSN network broadcasts; We're almost ready to go with the final game of the day, featuring the top seed, and 5-time defending CIS Champions, the Carleton Ravens, facing the 8th seeded Alberta Golden Bears; so far today, the lower seeds have won all three games; if this game does the same, it will be a monumental upset; then again, don't count out a Don Horwood-coached team.


Anonymous said...

After Carleton defeats Acadia tomorrow and one of Brock and Western advances to the final, will all the Atlantic apologists and Canada West boosters finally admit what has been obvious to many of us this all year: The OUA is the best league in Canada once again this year.

Califax said...

Wow that was a very chippy game. Alberta being called for 12 more fouls than carlton, and a couple techs. I thought there was something odd going on. 4 Alberta players fouled out as well... Horwood was right to be pissed

Jayme said...

I think a all ontario final will show how good the oua really is.

Anonymous said...

Alberta had more fouls called because the only way they could try to keep up with a faster and more technically sound Carleton team close was to play physical and take more fouls.

Harwood's pissed because his team was outclassed by a Carleton team that didn't play anywhere close to what they showed in the OUA playoffs the past few weeks.

Now he's just trying to save a bit of face and keep his team focussed for their consolation semi-final.

(At least that's my more more generous interpretation. The other one is simply that he's a very sore loser who has a tendency to whine.)

Anonymous said...

The only reason why this game was still relatively close at the end was because of Carleton's inexplicably bad FT shooting in the 4th quarter.
Could have won by 20 if half those shots went down.
And Alberta deserved most of those fouls...there were a few screwy calls...
but Steele's 5th foul was just a dumb play on his part...lowering his shoulder and crashing into a guy when he knows he's got four?
And Horwood's T was dumb, too.
Alberta was still in the game at that point.
The Bears just scored and were about to convert an and one went he just went off.
The Ravens didn't shoot the ball well in this one, and will have to do a better job of that against Acadia.

Anonymous said...

Having beren at the game I can't disagree more with the "desreved" fouls called. The crowd even sensed something amiss with the ability of Doornekamp to get away with so much. Horwood was pissed because Aaron did not get a Technical foul for throwing the ball (which he should have received) after Bates was given an unsportsmanlike tech for a simple little foul on Aaron. So the game goes from a potential 3 point game and possession of the ball to an 8 point game and Carleton possession. No wonder Coach was pissed. Yes Carleton shot poorly, but Alberta showed great defense in the 2nd half. Both teams were tough. Bell shut down Steele. The refs did the rest.