Sunday, 1 January 2012

Wayne Thomas Canada West Second Half Preview - Part One

Part One of another wonderfully comprehensive piece from Wayne forecasting the second half of the Canada West season on a team-by-team basis.

'New Season' Honours up for Grabs

Canada West Teams Re-charge

The 14 teams in Canada West are gearing up for a return to serious hostilities as League play is set to resume on the January 6 - 7 weekend.  Some squads played in tournaments ... UBC-O, Brandon, Winnipeg, Manitoba in the Wesmen Classic ...  or on tours to southern climes ... Calgary, Thompson Rivers, Victoria, Fraser Valley, Trinity Western, UBC, Lethbridge.  Alberta had a an exhibition swing to Montana, and  Saskatchewan was in the Phoenix area, presumably ‘getting some rays’ as they have no games scheduled.  Regina has no game action which we can see.  

There are some roster changes for several teams...

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