Monday, 5 November 2007

Calgary Unveils Wayne Thomas Scholarship

This past Saturday night, the Calgary Dinos announced a Men's Basketball scholarship in the name of long-time Dinos alumnus Wayne Thomas, who also allows me to share with readers of this site his tremendous work providing his insights on the Dinos program including game reports. Congratulations to Wayne and the entire Dinos program. Here is a note from Wayne in the aftermath of Saturday's ceremony:

"On Saturday night, as many of you may know, I was honoured in a ceremony announcing an endowed scholarship in my name for the continuing benefit of Dinos Men's Basketball. I would like to thank those people who worked to create this award, and express my appreciation to the Dinos Program, which has been such an enjoyable part of my life for over 40 years. Never have I had a more poignant reminder of the joy of teaching, coaching and playing sport than I did Saturday with the greeting by so many former teammates, players, coaching and teaching colleagues, parents, friends, and the current Dinos team. I have been very fortunate to have enjoyed my association with such wonderful people over the years and I give them a heartfelt thanks. Congratulations are in order to Dan Vanhooren and his wife Kara, who have worked so hard to develop the basketball program, and who have accomplished so much in the time they have been in Calgary. Thanks to Dan for allowing me to be part of the Dinos Team, and for his exceptional efforts to build for the future of this program. Thanks specifically to Ken Shields, John Weiland, Geoff Thompson, Derrick Mitchinson, Dean Wayne Giles, Ken Newans, Jack Neumann, Matt Skinn and Joyce Graham, who all made special efforts for this evening. And special thanks to those people who contributed so generously to create the scholarship fund. Awards like the one created in my name enable all of us to focus on the development of today's young team members and those to come in the future, and I feel honoured to be part of Dinos Basketball in this way. Hopefully, the spotlight will shine brightly now on the Dinos Team of 2007-08 as they continue their season with the support of the basketball community. Thanks again, Wayne Thomas"

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