Thursday, 20 August 2009

More on Canada West Playoff format

As previously mentioned, Canada West has reorganized around two divisions: B.C. Division with 6 teams (UBC, UVic, TWU, Simon Fraser, Fraser Valley and TRU) and Great Plains division with 8 teams (Alberta, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Lethbridge, Brandon, Regina, Winnipeg and Manitoba). Consistent with the new schedule and standings format, Canada West will have 8 teams in the playoffs as follows: top 4 teams from each division will qualify with the potential for a cross-over if the 5th place team in the Great Plains has a better record than the 4th place team in the B.C. division. The quarter-final round will be best-of-three series with all games hosted by the higher seeded team. The top 4 seeds will be the top 2 seeds in each of the 2 divisions. The format then calls for a cross-over in the quarter-finals as follows:

#4 seed in Great Plains AT #1 seed in B.C.
#3 seed in Great Plains AT #2 seed in B.C.
#4 seed in B.C. AT #1 seed in Great Plains
#3 seed in B.C. AT #2 seed in Great Plains

(all series are Best-of-3)

The following weekend is the Canada West Final 4 to be held at the home of the top surviving seed in Great Plains division (it is their turn this year; next season highest seed in B.C. will host CW Final 4).

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Anonymous said...

Finally, a Canada West playoff format that actually makes sense.
CW Pacific plays the longest schedule in the country at 23 games.
On top of that, unlike the two other divisions, the top team does NOT get a bye so a team like UBC had to play TWO best of three series to qualify four the final four playoff.
Potentially, a 1st place team coming out of CW Pacific could play as many as EIGHT playoff games in order to qualify for nationals under the old system.
The divisional realignment and the revised playoff system eliminates one round of best of 3 playoffs and eliminates the need to arbitrarily choose a wildcard 4th team to complete the final four.
By streamlining the playoff format, it gives teams that represent the West a better shot of winning at nationals, IMO.